Athena 7 Minute Face Lift

Athena 7 Minute Lift claims to be an anti-wrinkle cream but, it really is a face tightening mask. According to the website it reduces thin lines and wrinkles as well as sagging within 7 minutes of applying. It even offers a clinical trial from AMA laboratories in which women ages 41-50 took part.

Athena 7 Minute Face Lift

About Athena 7 Minute Lift

Athena 7 minute lift is quite expensive costing almost $90.00 for an extremely small jar. However, if used as directed the cream inside the jar is supposed to last 60 days.

Athena 7 minute lift is made up of several different oils including the oils from lemon and orange peels, jasmine, rose, almond and peppermint as well as many other natural oils. You apply the cream by painting it on using a damp brush. Be advised however, that you need an incredible small amount of this cream and that using too much will result in the mask turning white.

Interestingly enough this product is supposed to be on in top of your make up instead of under it. The reason it takes seven minutes to see the results is because it takes the cream that long to dry. Once it does it actually tightens the skin much as an egg white mask does.

Does It Work?

Athena 7 Minute

According to the clinical trials, user reviews and testimonial this product does work but, not quite like you might expect. This is an extremely temporary solution and the results wash off when you wash off the cream. Although the product claims that you will see some permanent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles with continued use this does not seem to hold true in most cases. In fact, some users have seen the appearance of deeper wrinkles in new places after using this product for a while.

It does however come with a 90 day free trial period. This means if you don’t like the product and send it back within the 90 days you pay nothing as shipping is free. However, if you decide to keep the product then be aware that you will be charged for it.

Kudos and Concerns

The use of natural oils especially those from oranges and lemons that are bound to contain large amounts of vitamin C are impressive. It is also good to see a product that actually gives access to the clinical trials that it refers to.

Athena 7

However, since the clinical trial only covered women within a small 9 year age span one has to wonder if the effect of this product is less successful with women beyond the age of 50 who make a large portion of the anti-wrinkle product market.

In addition, the temporary effect of this product and the fact that it is a mask that is to be worn all day instead of washed off after a few minutes makes one wonder if the pulling action may be uncomfortable for some women with sensitive skin.


Athena 7 minute lift does do most of what it claims to do and may well be worth the price for some women. However, be aware that this product seems to be designed only for women 50 and under, so if you are somewhat older the results will probably not be what you are hoping for. If you are considering purchasing an anti-wrinkle cream, you might want to opt for something a little less expensive and with results that are more permanent.

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