Beauty products for combination type of skin: how to choose and apply wisely

When it comes to the choice of the beauty products, one of the most complicated decisions concerns combination type of face skin, which is supposed to kill two birds with one stone – provide moisture and control the work of oil-glands. The owners of such type of skin often suffer from dry and exfoliating cheeks, temples and cheekbones. While T-zone is usually marked with blackheads, enhanced oiliness and greasy shine.

Nowadays it is not a must to apply two different types of beauty products – moisturizing and predrying. Cosmetic laboratories invent unique formula, allowing to fulfill both of these functions at the same time.

Cosmetics for combination type of skin

Beauty products for combination type of skin

Beauty products for combination type of skin

Modern producers of beauty products for combination type of skin are trying to take into account all its peculiarities. Used formulas in such treatments are aimed to deal with such complex tasks, as:

  • Provide skin care in two different zones;
  • safely secure from outer irritative agents, including Ultraviolet (more detailed information about sun protection beauty products, please read here);
  • prevent development of any irritation reactions and spreading of infection;
  • recover the damage;
  • moisturize;
  • nourish with useful elements;
  • control the work of sudoral and oil-glands;
  • provide mattifying effect;
  • make weak zones more toned and elastic.

That’s why the owners of combination type of skin shouldn’t worry about the effectiveness of such beauty products. The only thing you need to do is to choose and use them wisely.

The result is going to depend on these two factors, whether you will get rid of exfoliation on your cheeks and blackheads on the nose at the same time or no. Always study carefully the content of the beauty product while picking: will it manage to solve such complicated tasks?

Controversial point. Some of the critics claim that one remedy (for example cream) can’t really satisfy the needs of two types of skin at the same time, which is the main feature of combination type of skin. That’s why they strongly recommend to use two products. Moisturizing – for cheeks, cheekbones and temples. And predrying – for T-zone.


beauty products for combination type of skin

The effectiveness of the beauty products for combination type of skin depends on the components present in its content. If the product contains only lemon juice, it will help you to get rid of oily grease in T-zone only, but will damage the dry skin of other face areas.

That’s why the first rule says, that such beauty products should contain many components. If the lemon juice is accompanied with glycerin or hyaluronic acid, then it will be a complete care for combination type of epidermis.

So, what exactly should you look for among the list of ingredients presented on the box? The following products and elements have a positive effect on the combination type of skin:

  1. Essential oils of : rose, Lawanda, orange, lemon, ginger, green tea, peppermint, rosemary, calendula, tea tree, chamomile, bergamot and menthol;
  2. Plant extracts of tea tree, chamomile, citrus, pineapple, lily, aloe vera, Kunzea ericoides, grape pits, gladdon;
  3. Vitamins and minerals (any);
  4. Glycerin;
  5. Hyaluronic acid;
  6. Collagen;
  7. Panthenol.

Not to get scammed by dishonest manufacturers, always study the content of the beauty products, which you are planning to use for taking care of combination type of skin. Wise approach during picking up the remedy is already a guarantee of the effectiveness of the purchased product.

And the last thing what you can do once you become the lucky owner of the wanted flacons and tubes is to learn how to use all of this wealth.

FAQ. You may often encounter such an element among the ingredients in beauty products for combination type of skin as  Kunzea ericoides. This plant belongs to the Ericales family and is often called white tea tree. It contains anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, vulnerary, anti fungal and antimicrobial properties.

Application rules

Cosmetics for combination type of skin

Cosmetics for combination type of skin

It seems what can be easier than using a regular cream or scrub, right? However the owners of combination type of skin should remember how unique they are, that’s why simple applying of herb mint facial mask or refinisher couple of times per week and forget about all the issues won’t work in your case. There are certain peculiarities when it comes to combination skin care. And you should be aware of them.

  1. It should be always written on the box that the beauty product is made specially for the combination type of skin.
  2. You should start using such cosmetics from 20-25 years old, in order to correct at least a little bit the peculiarities of such skin type.
  3. If there are any age limitations – strictly follow them. Young ladies shouldn’t use the cosmetics for 35+ for example. The same way, light vibrations of 25+ will have no effect against the wrinkles and ptosis.
  4. First of all study the ratings of the best beauty products for such skin type. Choose 3-4 and carefully read the reviews.
  5. Purchase cosmetics in special shops.
  6. Combination type of skin tends to get allergic the same way as sensitive type. There are three ways to avoid them. First of all use hypo-allergic cosmetics. Second of all use testers. Thirdly, always check a new product on the wrist before applying on the face.
  7. Combination type of skin will turn into dry one with age, that’s why always pay attention to the T-zone. If instead of the oil grease you see exfoliation, this is the first sign to swap your cosmetics for moisturizing one.
  8. It is advisable to change beauty products once in half a year not to let your skin get used to it. Otherwise it will stop reacting to the active components.
  9. In summer, sweat and oil-glands in the T-zone are working in more active regime, that’s why always purchase beauty products with protecting sun  filters (not less than 30).
  10. In winter used seasonable products for combination skin type, which moisturize, soften exfoliation, nourish and protect from low temperatures. It should be applied half an hour before going outside.
  11. You should have two cremes: day cream, which protects your skin and the second – night one, which should nourish, moisturize and rejuvenating. They act effectively only when used together.

If the treatment of such skin is done wisely and on the regular basis, it shouldn’t cause too many issues. Following the above mentioned advices should be your habit in order to cope with all the problems of such epidermis type. If you wish to look young and attractive in any hour of the day, you will have to do some efforts. The following rating list will help you out to choose the most appropriate beauty product.

Useful advice. Combination skin type is the trickiest one, as it loves to switch to one or another side. That’s why double check every 2-3 months your skin – maybe it switched to totally dry or oil type.

The best beauty products rating

Antioxidant capsules «Eldan PREMIUM age-out Treatment Antipollution Capsules» Switzerland – premium class cosmetics for combination skin type.

Antioxidant capsules «Eldan PREMIUM age-out Treatment Antipollution Capsules» Switzerland – premium class cosmetics for combination skin type.

The following rating of beauty products for combination skin is made in accordance with various preferences. If you don’t want to save on the cosmetics give preference to the top items on the list, where are premium class products listed (lux). There are also middle market products which you can purchase for 20-30$.

If you trust beauty products with a rather low price and your skin has a normal reaction, you can always find a good cream even for 5$.

  1. Premium Age-Out Treatment Antipolution Capsules — antioxidant capsules for combination skin type Eldan. Switzerland. $146.
  2. Purifying mask — deep cleansing face mask  PCA Skin. USA. $92.
  3. Ginger oil serum — refinisher with ginger oil. Innisfree.  South Korea. $46.
  4. Neovadiol —  caring cream. Farmacy cosmetics.. Vichy. France. $37.
  5. Extra Help Scrub extreme help — scrub for combination skin type. Christian Breton. France. $20.
  6. Sebium Mat — mattifying emulsion. Bioderma. France. $19.
  7. Smoothie Peeling Cream Sunshine Golden Kiwi — smoothie cream peeling for combination skin type with extract of kiwi. Holika Holika. South Korea. $14.
  8. Lavanda— soothing fluid. Mi&Ko. Russia. $13.
  9. Bielita face care . Bielita. Belarus. $12.
  10. Endless freshness – cleansing gel. L’oréal. France $5.

Beauty products for skin

It is way more complicated to take care of combination type of skin than of the others. You should treat both dry cheeks and oily nose. Modern cosmetics allows to do it with just few movements of your fingers, combining both predrying and moisturizing properties.

If the difference between facial zones is too noticeable and epidermis doesn’t absorb the used remedies, it is better to avoid experimenting by yourself. It is advisable to ask for professional help (either cosmetologist or dermatologist), who will give you a hint what to do in this case.

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