Benefits of salt face scrub and ways of applying it at home

Every single housewife has this ingredient in her kitchen, without which all the dishes come out bland and tasteless. However salt can be used not only in cooking, but also in treating soar throat,  removing stains from various fabrics and treating other household issues. And one more way to use salt is preparing a homemade salt face scrub , which will perfectly cleanse pores and remove the greasy shine from oily skin.

salt face scrub

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This simple product is so multi-functional that it is possible to use it even in cosmetology. But how to apply it without bringing harm to your beauty?

The effectiveness of salt face scrub

The effectiveness of salt face scrub is caused mostly by the chemical content of the element. Everything depends on what kind of salt you are going to use for facial cleansing – fine kitchen salt or large sized sea salt.

In spite of the fact that they are quite similar in their cosmetic properties, the last option is more preferable, because after the procedure your skin will get more nourishing elements.

  • Salt crystals
  1. It is them who serve as abrasive particles in salt scrub. Thanks to their sharp angles these particles eat quite deep into the skin. And they bring alone the rest of the useful active elements, which take an active part in cells metabolic processes. Knowing these facts, you can add salt into any scrub: it will only increase the effectiveness.
  2. However transport function is not the only function that fell on their shoulders. These crystals are one of the most acrid irritants: they make the cells wake up and boost regeneration processes along with speeding up your blood as well. Which means that salt scrub can actually regenerate, bring young blood and nourish your skin at the same time.

Finally the last health benefit of the salt crystals is the ability to catch the grease that got stuck in the pores and take it out from the skin. Or they make the grease totally diffuse during the salt scrub due to participating in chemical braids with certain compounds. Epidermis gets free from the horned particles during such a treatment. The skin gets to breath more freely, the tissues get maximum of the oxygen which improves face tone.

  • Iodine, chloride

You may find a lot of negative reviews of this sort of facial scrub, as the skin almost totally dries out under the salt influence. And without any doubt such comments can scare those planning to make such a beauty treatment at home.

Though if you know couple of tricks, you may avoid epidermis’s dehydration. It is usually caused by iodine and chloride. By softening them with the help of other elements, you can actually turn them into medicine within a salt scrub: they will disinfect, cleanse, kill bacterias and fungus – which will remove the irritation and eliminate the amount of acne and pimples in its turn.

  • Minerals

Regular sea salt face scrub allows to stabilize the cells metabolic processes thanks to the active mineral participation, as sea salt is a rich source of such healthy minerals as:

  1. natrium takes control over the water balance, prevents epidermis dehydration by iodine and chlorine, and possesses cleansing properties;
  2. potassium helps to keep the moisture inside the cells;
  3. magnesium normalizes blood circulation;
  4. bromine prevents the appearance of grease effect on the oily skin;
  5. strontium protects from outside aggression;
  6. calcium is a building material which recovers ruined epidermis;
  7. fluorine completes regenerating functions.

salt for scrub

Thanks to these healthy benefits, salt scrub can totally transform appearance just in one procedure: it will even up a face tone, cleanse the pores from grease, remove the signs of acne and pimples. In case of the sea salt usage, the result will be even more visible: rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties of this unique ingredient will show itself for 100%.

However if you choose this method of skin cleansing at home, you should take into consideration its negative effects, and there are pretty many of them. In spite of all its healthy benefits, this procedure is quite aggressive, rough and acidic. In order not to get such a lovely “present” as excessive irritation after such a scrub, learn the basics of this procedure.

Let’s go back to history. In medieval ages salt was very expensive and was often called “white gold”.


salt scrub at home

Detailed guideline on how to do salt scrub at home will help to avoid unnecessary side effects and at the same time will help you to get rid of the most severe skin issues (pimples, acne, greasy shine).

You can’t neglect these useful tips if you don’t want the procedure to disappoint you instead of bringing positive results. The advices concern both kitchen and sea salt:

  • Salt scrub indication: oily type of skin, polyhidrosis, clogged pores, blackheads, pimples.
  • Contraindication: open, fresh wounds on the face; dry, thin and sensitive skin; couperosis, allergic reactions.
  • Apply oily skin lotion on the area around your eyes and lips before treatment in order to prevent salt crystals from getting into these zones, which can cause not only irritation but a burnt as well.
  • Always try any salt mixture before applying on the face in order not to get allergic reaction. First apply it on the wrist area and make a light massage. Rinse off the leftovers and check the skin in the next 24 hours. If there is no itchiness or redness, your body allows to use salt face scrub.
  • Remove all the make up before the procedure and steam the skin.
  • It is advisable to use sea salt for scrub as it has a softer effect, is better absorbed and it is also rich in various micro-elements. Ordinary kitchen salt is usually dry, hard to get dissolved and often causes irritation.
  • Apply the scrub on wet skin to soften the salt actions. Gently massage the salt into skin for few minutes and rinse it off.
  • If you use a complete salt scrub with addition of softening ingredients, you can improve the effectiveness by leaving the remedy on your face for 5-7 minutes. But if you feel your skin burning, it is better to remove the scrub mask.
  • Rinse off the scrub with lukewarm water (or herbal brew ) without applying any gel or soap.
  • You can perform such beauty treatment not oftener than 1-2 per week.
  • The course consists of 10 procedures and the interval between treatments is usually 1.5 months.

If you plan to make a salt scrub, do take into account the above mentioned advices and then the results will definitely please you. If you are not really sure, better watch the videos or read more reviews about the effectiveness of such remedy.

If you have a trusted cosmetologist – don’t neglect to ask for advice, though most of the specialists consider this treatment rather aggressive. However the recipes of salt scrubs were the ones that helped a lot of people to get rid of various face skin issues.

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Every little bit helps. In Ethiopia salt is considered to be a symbol of friendship and respect. When locals meet their close friends, they often take out a piece of salt from their pockets and offer to lick it as a sign of a friendship.


ready salt scrub

If you still wish to try the salt scrub at home in spite of all cosmetologist’s precautions, choose a mild recipe. It is always possible to soothe the aggressive effect of the main ingredient with soothing oils or honey, which also possess cleansing properties. Let’s choose and try the recipe:

  • Classical recipe

Wash your face without any beauty means. Don’t wipe it off. Apply the salt crystals with gentle massaging moves on the wet skin.

  • Sour-cream based

This is a perfect combination of ingredients in the scrub – salt and sour cream, as the last one has a great softening effect and prevents dryness. It is advisable to use non fat sour cream in this recipe, as the scrub is applied mostly for oily types of skin. Mix 15 grams of salt with 30 ml of sour cream.

  • Honey based

Elder women are often dreaming about complete skin cleansing, who wish to kill two birds with one stone with such procedure – hide the signs of skin fading and moisturize dry and flaky skin. In this case honey-salt scrub is the best option, as it is the most attenuated and soft way. It will remove the wrinkles and keratinized layer. Mix up honey and salt in 1:2 ratio, add a bit of olive oil until you get a smooth mixture, which will be easily massaged in and absorbed.

  • Sodium based

Salt and sodium scrub is also very popular as it has great cleansing properties. You won’t see any blackheads already after the first procedure, and the amount of pimples will visually eliminate. The only problem is that its aggressive action won’t fit every type of skin. In order to make this scrub combine two of the ingredients in even ratio and add few drops of water for the smooth mixture. You can use olive oil instead of water to make the mixture softer.

  • Oatmeal based

Oatmeal and sea salt scrub has a very soft and peeling action. Blend the oatmeal until it looks like flour and mix up in even ratio with main ingredient. Apply on the wet face.

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With the help of such effective and time-proved recipes you can easily make a face scrub at home. It will save your budget, improve the skin look, give you more self confidence, as acne and blackheads will definitely disappear from your skin after such a treatment.

If you got tired of feeling insecure and still can’t find an effective way to deep cleanse your pores, salt scrub is what you need. Try it out and enjoy the result.

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