Botox Injections: Using Botox for Under Eye Wrinkles

Botox was originally created to treat muscle disorders back in the late 1980’s, however soon after it was realized that there were many cosmetic functions for Botox injections that men and women across the nation might want to take advantage of. Botox can be used nearly anywhere on the face, but primarily, it serves to improve the appearance of the skin, getting rid of unwanted frown lines, wrinkles around the eyes, crow’s feet, and the basic signs of aging in the facial area, that is typically caused from stress and the aging process. It is the state of the art, quick fix treatment in the world’s constant battle to look young, and as reached a high level of popularity, for those who can afford it.

Botox Injections

Botox Injections

Botox really took off for cosmetic purposes in 2002, when it was approved by the FDA to get rid of fine lines between the eyebrows, and even to work in more severe cases. Its popularity since then has sky rocketed. Now individuals continue to use it to get rid of basically any wrinkles that appear on the face. Many even hold Botox parties, similar to the old makeup parties that were popular.

How Botox Works

Botox works much differently than many of the alternative treatments for wrinkles and fine lines. Instead of being a soft tissue filler like many of the anti-aging creams, Botox actually blocks the release of acetylcholine which triggers muscle contractions that can create wrinkles. By not triggering these muscles in your face, you don’t create wrinkles as frequently and thus the wrinkles will begin to disappear.

Botox treatments have received a lot of controversy over the years because what it does is basically paralyze the muscles, and stop them from moving. It usually takes about a week before you actually can see the results, and they will typically last for two to four months. Lately Zytaze has appeared on the scene and claims that if taken in combination with Botox, can extend the length of time that you’ll see the results.

Where Can You Get Botox Treatments?

Botox procedures are fairly simple; however they should be done at a doctor’s office or by a medical professional. The “Botox parties” mentioned above are popular, held by family members or friends who will claim to know how to do it, however this is not suggested. Injecting Botox should be done with completely sterile instruments, and they also have to be carried out in a safe, alcohol free environment.
If carried out by an amateur, you can end up being inject in the wrong area which can lead to muscle damage and an unsightly appearance. Sometimes discomfort and even a small amount of pain can occur as well, occasionally to the point that people will ask for something to numb the pain, and this is usually only available from a doctor or professional.

Getting Botox isn’t like getting a pedicure. Botox injections are a medical procedure that should be done by a certified professional in an office, not at a cocktail party.

Botox is nearly painless once the procedure is completed, but there are other side effects. Botox side effects include headache, a feeling of nausea, sometimes congestion and flu symptoms, and even redness and dry skin around the area where the Botox was original injected. Muscle weakness and weak eyelids can occur as well when the injection is close to that area and not done precisely. Often these will end up making your face look cosmetically worse for a small period of time before getting any better.

Cost Of Botox Treatment

Botox can range in cost depending on where you go. It typically is around $150 to $350 dollars, depending on what doctor or specialist you speak to. Multiple areas can be treated at once but the treatment must be repeated around every three to four months making it become quite costly. It’s important to shop around, but be aware that any bargains are probably being offered by less than professional people. Going the cheap route can be dangerous and can risk complications, not worth the money you might save.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then don’t get Botox. Going somewhere cheap and unreliable will only yield poor, and often painful, results. If you still aren’t willing to spend the money on Botox because you don’t trust the side effects, there are many alternatives. Various anti-wrinkle skin creams have gotten to the point where they can yield comparable results for much less, and while they need to be applied more often, they are safer, have the same results over time, and will save you money.

Using Botox for Under Eye Wrinkles

Using Botox for Wrinkles

Using Botox for Wrinkles

It has been up and about. There are a number of solutions that could easily end your agony of putting up with under eye wrinkles! There is cosmetic surgery. There is laser treatment. There is Botox. But really now, do these treatments work?

Yes they do. All of them have been introduced with a set of pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, benefits and drawbacks. It is up to the client, the one seeking the treatment as to which kind of procedure would he/she trust.

Then again, we could not just take for granted the kind of serious attention that has been brought about especially with Botox, the wonder treatment that could erase your age spots as easily as you would do it in a piece of paper. Well, that’s because Botox has been found to be not as amazing as a lot of people thought it was when its use as a skin treatment was made public.

  • The Botox Process

Less than a decade ago, Botox was introduced as a breakthrough in skin care. It is handled by medical experts who have the proper education and the proper means to get the treatment done. At first sight, Botox was seen with great promise in ironing out aging problems that are likely to show off on the skin when people reach a certain age.

Basically, Botox is done through several sessions of injections. Botox is injected at a specific surface. Let’s say your problem area is your eyes (FYI: under eye wrinkles are common concerns for a lot of people). You can get Botox injections to paralyze the nerves that are responsible for the formation of lines. Once done, the wrinkles under the eyes will disappear. Your skin would look supple and smooth.

  • The Drug

Botox is known as Botulinum Toxin in the medical world. It is basically a drug the blocks the nerves and in the process weakens and paralyzes specific muscles. It is intended for a handful of beauty-related medical conditions such as uncontrollable blinking, misaligned eyes, underarm sweating, and wrinkles.

The effect of Botox lasts for about three to four months. This means that its effect in removal of wrinkles under the eyes is mainly temporary. If you want to maintain a wrinkle-free look, you need to submit yourself to regular Botox injections.

  • The Drawbacks

Then again, regular Botox injections have shown to cost more than its tag price. It has been found to cause expressionless face, nerve problems, and muscle paralysis among others. It was also known to cause mild to severe side effects such as pain at the site of injection, headache, fever, and upset stomach. Still, some other Botox users were found to have drooping eyelids, which is mostly temporary.


The threat of Botox risks and side effects are the reasons people started deciding against it. That’s when women who seek the youthful radiance in their middle age decided to look for a potent alternative that would free them away from under eye wrinkles and the harsh effects of Botox as well.

  • The Amazing Eye Cream

For those who decide against Botox and think that they are far better without it, there are products such as Lifecell. This amazing under eye wrinkle cream helps iron out eye wrinkle problems without causing any more trouble afterwards. It has been cited as the wondrous alternative that can topple off the Science that made Botox.

Undergoing Botox procedure is not bad all around. There are those clinics that can handle this complex process properly. Unfortunately, that could not back up a side effect free life after taking the path, still. Moreover, Botox is pricey. It costs heavily and would even cost more if it is not handled right. If you think you have all the reasons to keep yourself away from the dangers and threats that Botox may bring, think bout Lifecell. Because a life without Botox does not have to mean that you will suffer from under eye wrinkles and from other aging signs that would come up at one point or another.

Remove Under Eye Wrinkles – Is Surgery a Good Solution?

Nowadays, Science is no longer just about going through complex procedures. It is more about revolutionary products coming into light one by one to solve problems that usually require going under the knife. Yes, we are talking about under eye wrinkles in particular.

Currently, there is a surge of wrinkle removal products in the market that offer non-surgical solution to under eye wrinkles. And you’ve got to take them into account if you are so intent on looking young and feeling good without having to risk and spend as much.

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Botox treatments

Botox treatments

Not too long ago, removal of under eye wrinkles, including eye bags and fine lines that develop as we age, is resolved through a surgical procedure. Cosmetic surgery is a blessing since it offered so many fabulous ways to look good and feel good. Every imperfection that you have can be repaired and resolved. It was the best option seen at that time with promising results.

Then again, recent studies showed that surgery may not be too friendly to our skin’s overall health. I myself was almost tempted to go under the knife and get rid of my problem area for life. But I thought twice. And I’m glad I did.

My inhibitions about going through surgery to get rid of the ugly wrinkles building up under my eyes made me look to other options. That’s when I learned that the advances in skin treatments have already found many different ways to make women, especially, look youthful and glowing without having to go through the risks and costs of surgery.

Laser technology is a less-invasive procedure that was embraced by a good number of customers. Why, it offers fewer risks and more benefits than surgery. But for me, seriously believing that I am of the wittier class, having an effective wrinkle treatment solution around along with a good impression of how wrinkles come to life is enough.

  • Turning Backs

To enjoy a healthy-looking skin altogether, there is a need for significant lifestyle change. Let’s face it: we are so much into unhealthy products and activities nowadays. We are not too cautious about what we eat, what we do, what we are into, what we put in our skin. These have got to change if you want to age much slower than everybody else, at least as far as your skin is concerned. Once you make this happen, you’ll easily spot the difference in the wrinkle under the eyes, which is often the first ugly sign of aging.

Eating healthy has a lot of benefits to our wellbeing. And it is one of the most important steps that we must take to look good and prevent under eye wrinkle from happening. The nutrients of green and leafy vegetables, non-fat meats, and fruits infuse unmistakable glow onto our skin. Most of them also contain antioxidants that encourage cell renewal. Vitamin C is also an important vitamin that research shows have something to do with the elasticity and firmness of our skin. If our skin remains firm and supple, we do not have to think about wrinkling.

Avoiding the bad stuff such as cigarette, alcohol, and other substances while loading up on physical activities can also make a big difference on the prevention of wrinkle under the eyes. If you think taking care of your skin is just about moisturizing, protecting from the sun, and toning, think again. A glow that comes from within is more noticeable than anything else. Whether you are making healthy choices or not, people will see it through your eyes.

  • The Magical Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Of course, choosing the right beauty product is also part of the equation. To get rid of under eye wrinkles fast, you must find that one effective cream that do the trick for you, stick to it, and use it regularly. Lifecell is an example of an amazing product that provides the best results with wrinkle around the eyes at the most remarkable rate and with very little threats.

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