Concealers make us pretty

Concealers make us pretty

Concealer for hiding imperfections on the face is an essential tool in the arsenal of every woman. They can help you to hide the traces of a sleepless night, acne caused by PMS, freckles and so on. The use of one type or another depends on the condition of the skin and your type of skin. With the help of corrector you may need just a few minutes to get hold of bright expressive appearance.

Perfect skin tone is a result of long work on your own appearance. Medical cosmetics, nutrition, facial massage – are you ready to spend every day about 20-30 minutes solely on yourself? Tired after work and everyday problems and you always let the mask-foam “for later”. To look attractive every day is what every the girls want. In such a situation you need tools for masking age spots, dark spots, acne, bruises and circles under the eyes.

Concealer types

Concealer types

Concealer means “with high hiding power”. That is why it is different from the foundation, which when applied becomes translucent, nullifying all of your attempts to hide inflammatory cells or freckles.
Modern camouflage correctors not only have the ability to hide, but also treat skin imperfections. When choosing one in a cosmetic store, pay attention to the options “with anti-inflammatory effect” and “tightens properties”. Ingredients that promote acne tea tree oil, salicylic acid and zinc. Lifting effect is provided by collagen fibers, jojoba oil, vitamin E and fruit acids.

If you have never used a corrector to make a choice will not be easy. Correctors vary in texture, shape registration and application technique.

We recommend if you firtst try correctors in the shape of pencils, sticks, transparent base and toning lotions. Stick and powdery base are ideal for owners of oily skin – they hide the extra shine and absorb sebum. Lotion hides minor flaws: small freckles and acne, the rest of the major inflammation. With the help of Venda (more familiar with the female name – BB-cream), you can hide unhealthy complexion and dark spots.

Experienced girls usually get concealers in the form of multi-color palettes, thick cream or powder tone. Palette is usually used by professional makeup artists. Correcting cream and powder are applied with special brushes and require some skill. Also you have to choose carefully dark spot corrector that not only hides, but cleans your pores from dark spots and prevents from their reappearance.

Types of correctors and their use

Types of correctors and their use

Before applying make-up is necessary to wash your face. We recommend Replenix Solutions Acne Wash. It is advisable to use a daily scrub with fine polishing agents – it smoothes the skin and keeps it from dust and sebaceous plugs. After washing, blot the face with a towel.

The corrector is a transparent base that is applied to clean skin with a brush or a sponge. Most of the concealers have a creamy tone or a fixing powder.

Concealers in the form of sticks used to mask acne and pigmentation. Stick has a fairly dense structure, so it can impose on the foundation, without worrying that it will be absorbed into the skin.
Concealer in a tube (BB-cream) is a multifunctional tool. It refreshes the complexion, smoothes irregularities and fills fine wrinkles, acne and acne masks. However, using it every day is not recommended – it is composed of silicone, and it can clog pores and provoke the deterioration of skin problem. For the application of BB-cream or Chanel Creme you can use fingertips or a cosmetic sponge. Thoroughly blend the cream, driving your fingertips in the skin, while being careful not to stretch it.

The easiest way to use concealer is in the form of toning lotion. For its application you should use a cotton pad. However, you have to wait a little longer for the lotion to dry and to apply the makeup. The only negative thing is that the colors of lotions in modern manufacturers are usually limited to two or three shades, which complicates the selection of a suitable tone.

In the palette correctors are usually presented pretty bright colors. Yellow, orange, purple and green colors will help you hide the serious imperfections of your skin. Blue circles under the eyes and puffiness are perfectly hidden by purple concealer. Orange one is a dark spot corrector and camouflages dark spots, yellow hides freckles and green – small pustules and pimples. Color correctors do not cause a dense layer – they are shaded, and then coated with a thin layer of silicon powder.

Special skills are required in the use of corrective powder and Glycolix Elite. For its application you should use a flat wide brush. If you have a dry skin we recommend you to mix the powder with moisturizer on the back of your hand and distribute the resulting composition in the face.

Unfortunately, such skin problems as allergic dermatitis and demodicosis, cannot be masked, because corrector becomes a suitable environment for bacteria to grow. In order to get rid of them, you should concult with a cosmetologist.

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