Cream for under eye bags: which one to choose in the drugstore and how to make one at home?

Every woman secretly wishes to get rid of under eye bags, which tend to show up every morning after yesterday’s heavy working day or sleepless night. However many ladies just don’t have enough money to spend for beauty saloons and expensive treatments. Being always under the time pressure leaves them no chance to prepare and use regularly homemade masks either. So there is only one option left – to find a proper under eye bag cream and spend no more than 2 minutes daily for applying. How does it exactly work and how to make a right choice? The following nifty advices will help you find the answer to all questions.

Cream effectiveness

under eye bags cream

Some women don’t change their cream for under eye bags for one reason – they consider it to be a waste of money. However modern beauty industry has developed greatly and uses the latest innovating technologies in beauty products production.

The effectiveness of regular and correct usage of cream is relatively high and there is hardly somebody who gets disappointed:

  • Skin around the eyes gets the necessary tone;
  • the elasticity of skin improves;
  • metabolic processes in cells are activated;
  • blood micro circulation strengthens;
  • the outflow of excess fluid takes place;
  • gentle and sensitive skin in this area of the face gets a necessary moisture;
  • a great number of nutrient substance gets exactly where it has to – as a result, there is no more sign of deficiency skin disease, and it simply blossoms;
  • dark under eye circles which usually come along with under eye bags visually light up, so your look gets brighter and shinier instead of being dull and gloomy;
  • any cream targeting the skin around the eyes is soft and non aggressive to the epidermis;
  • most of the manufacturers try to make such creams hypo allergic;
  • the skin produces a stronger protection against too excessive ultraviolet and low temperatures, which often happen to be a reason of under eye bags;
  • the first signs of aging are vanishing: crow’s feet even up, and once the under eye bags disappear the eyes look more beautiful and fresh.

In order to buy a highly effective cream for under eye bags you should take into consideration few points. Neglecting them, you risk to spend a lot of money for extremely expensive, brand cream and not achieve the wished results. The first thing you should pay attention to is the cream content.

Beautiful ladies, just for the record. Make up your mind which problem exactly you are fighting with: if you suffer from under eye bags, but use a cream against bruises or wrinkles, you will only worsen your skin condition.



Some women are too naive and believe that manufacturers of modern cosmetics are so responsible that create only such products that have no side-effects. In reality, not all of the products contain a note “hypo allergic” which means that after applying such lotions you are risking to wake up with severe palpebral oedema and extreme mucosal lining inflammation. That’s why before making a purchase carefully study the content of the cream for under eye bags: the content should be marked on the box of the product.

The most recommended ingredients that are capable of smoothening the lines in this zone of the face are:

  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • various kinds of plant extracts, like: horse-chestnut, green tea, chamomile, line, mint;
  • essential oils of sandal, rosemary, geranium;
  • collagen and elastin;
  • vitamins: retinol (A), ascorbic acid ( C), tocopherol (E), calciferol (K).

If you want to find the most effective cream for under eye bags, make sure that it contains at least few of the components listed above. If you see a lot of chemical formula and unknown words, make a translation and explanation before purchasing the product to determine how safe it is for sensitive and gentle skin in this area of the face. However, content is not the only one criteria for choosing the life saving remedy.

Useful advice. Even if you never noticed any sort of allergic reaction from your body, every new beauty product targeting the area around your eyes should be tested for allergens, in order to avoid a long term treatment afterwards.

Selection criteria

eye cream

In order to choose the best, quality and really effective cream for under eye bags, use couple of nifty advices. By using them you will definitely make a right choice.

  1. First of all, learn the best creams ratings. Make up your mind as for the brand and price. Check the reviews of the product you are intended to buy.
  2. Don’t order the cream through online shop. Don’t be lazy to stop by the drug store or special beauty shop instead.
  3. The most quality cream for under eye bags you may find in the drug store, as there are usually sold certified products with prominent medical properties.
  4. Don’t be shy to ask all the possible questions to the sellers and pharmacists. They have to dispel all your doubts and offer alternative option just in case.
  5. Give preference to the tubes with arrow tip. This way you won’t touch all the cream with your hands, so you won’t spread the bacteria inside.
  6. Study the box in all directions: if there are any cuts ( the box should be tightly, hermetically packed), check the expiration date, find out if the cream fits your age, and whether it really targets your problem.
  7. Don’t be afraid if the cream is both for under eye bags and black eyes (it targets few issues at the same time) – it makes the cream even more convenient for you.
  8. Study the content

An available tester would be a perfect option. First purchase that one. Only responsible attitude to the choice of such beauty product can help you obtain the best cream for under eye bags and value its huge number of benefits. You should also understand that the level of its effectiveness will depend on your skill to apply it in a correct way.

For the record. If you purchased an expensive brand product, came home and didn’t see any instruction you can easily bring it back to the shop.

Application rules

Cream for under eye bags

To keep cream for the under eye bags effective, learn how to use it properly:

  1. Don’t keep the container with cream in an open space with direct sun lights or heating system.
  2. Fridge is not the best place either.
  3. Never use a cream with expired date.
  4. Apply the cream only on the lower eyelid, as the bags usually make only that eyelid heavier right?
  5. Take a small amount of cream with a tip of your forefinger and with petting moves start applying from the outer corner of your eye towards the inner one.
  6. Application frequency – twice per day, in the morning (half an hour before going out) and in the evening (one hour before going to bed).

There is nothing difficult in these rules, but unfortunately such small details usually make a difference – whether your purchased cream for under eye bags will fight the problem or you will anyway have to visit a beauty saloon for rejuvenating and toning procedures. In order to get your bearings in the world of modern cosmetology, here is a list of the best beauty products where you will definitely find something appealing.

Be aware! If you don’t see any results after two weeks of applying, probably you chose a wrong cream.


cream rating

You can’t say that the best cream for under eye bags is located on the first line of the rating. No, it is just the most expensive one. Some may find the best one in the end of the list. In spite of the relatively low cost, its natural content guarantees its effectiveness. Study the reviews, learn the content and make your choice.

  1. Cream for dark circles and under eye bags Parabenfree from AdvancedLine (Germany).
  2. Moisturizing cream-gel Hydraphas for under eye bags from La Roche-Posay (France).
  3. Bio-gold Pearl Eye Serum- Chinese cream for under eye bags from Simengdi (China).
  4. Eye care cream “gerantoprotektorny”  from Premium (Russia).
  5. Under eye bags cream Under the Eye Light Cream from Lioele ( South Korea).
  6. Eyetuck from Skin Doctors (Australia).
  7. Chamomile pencil for under eye bags from Laction (France).
  8. Mirielle cream for under eye bags and dark circles from BelKosmex (Belarus).
  9. Cream for under eye bags and edema from “Green drugstore”/«Зелёной аптеки» (Ukraine).
  10. Lifting gel for under eye bags “Blueberry and rib grass” /Черника и подорожник from Green Mama (Russia).

You have to admit that the choice is really rich. The price range is diverse, the range of product mix by brands and countries manufacturers gives you an excellent opportunity to make a good choice of a cream which will cope with under eye bags in any age. However, if you believe that store purchased products contain too much chemical and artificial components, try to prepare a cream at home – because it is possible.

Homemade recipes

Homemade cream recipes

Homemade cream recipes

By using ordinary foods and oils you can make a cream with your own hands, following the old, folk recipes. But be aware that in spite of being totally natural it won’t have such a bright effectiveness as a store purchased one and will have a much heavier body.

  • Recipe 1

Combine steam melted bee wax (15 gr) with 10 ml of olive oil.

  • Recipe 2

Combine melted cacao oil (15 ml) with 10 ml of olive oil.

  • Recipe 3

Cover 10 gr of strong green tea with boiled water (100 ml). In one hour add 30 ml of natural yogurt.

Are you fighting with under eye bags? Now you know that a light, airy cream can handle this problem for you in just two weeks time. If you choose a proper cream and apply it on regular basis its effectiveness will bring the result in no time.

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