Does Your Daily Skin Care Routine Make the Cut?

Does Your Daily Skin Care Routine Make the Cut?

With so many different skin care products on the market, it is difficult to know which products you need and which you can go without. In our experience, here are steps that you should be doing every day to make sure that your skin looks and feels healthy and beautiful.

  • Clean

This is a no-brainer. Everyone knows that they need to clean their face. But are you using the right cleanser?

If your skin burns or leaves your face feeling uncomfortably tight and itchy, it is likely too harsh for your skin type.

If your skin still looks oily after you wash, however, you should probably look for a stronger formula like Glycolix Elite Moisturizing Cleanser.
The best times to wash your face are in the morning when you wake up and at night right before you go to bed. You want to make sure that you aren’t sleeping with makeup on your face so that your pores can be clear and open while your body is prepping for the next day.

  • Exfoliate

Instead of washing your face a few times a week, you should make sure to exfoliate. Dead skin has a tendency to build up on your face, which can block your pores and cause acne. Dead skin also builds up over time, making your skin appear dull and unhealthy.

To keep this from happening, find an exfoliating product that will help to remove dead skin cells as well as dirt or oil that has a tendency to build up.

Don’t over-exfoliate, however, as it can leave your skin irritated and can even cause worse acne.

  • Toner

There is a lot of controversy over the use of toners. Some claim that it is essential while others swear that you don’t even need it.

We say you should go with what you prefer. If you have found success using toners, keep using it. If you aren’t using a toner and are happy with your routine, don’t sweat it.

On the other hand, if you aren’t using a toner and you see room for improvement, try a good toner to see if it produces better results.

Toners are used to restore natural pH levels that are altered when you clean your skin. They also vary in how harsh they are. If you have incredibly oily skin, an astringent toner might be the best option. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin, a skin freshening toner or skin tonic might be the best solution.

Research the different types of toners and try a variety to find what is best for your daily skin care routine.

Daily Skin Care Routine

  • Moisturize

As far as we can tell, moisturizing is one of the keys to beautiful skin. Hydrated skin cells appear younger and healthier, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturizers can even make oily skin produce oil more normally.

Find a moisturizer that works for your unique skin type. Make sure that it does not contain any parabens, however, as they may irritate your skin and cause damage.

If you have dry skin, moisturizing is even more important. Find a deeply hydrating moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid as one of its ingredients. You will see your thirsty skin looking healthy in no time at all.

  • Apply Sunscreen

Remember how the sun can cause skin cancer? Avoid the harmful UVU and UVB rays of the sun by applying sunscreen daily.

Not only can the sun’s rays cause cancer, but they also damage the layers of the skin, which results in premature wrinkles.

Trust us when we say that it is much easier to prevent wrinkles than it is to get rid of them. Never leave your house during the day without applying sunscreen liberally to parts of your body that may be exposed to the sun.

Eliminate Stress and Clear Your Skin

Eliminate Stress and Clear Your Skin

Even though acne is a problem that most people associate with teenagers, according to the American Dermatologist Association, 20% of all adults in the United States have active acne.

In truth, this really is not too surprising when you recall that stress is one of the biggest agitators of acne, and 54% of Americans are worried about their high stress levels, reports the Washington Post.
If stress has been affecting your complexion, you should follow these helpful tips on how to eliminate stress.

  • Get More Exercise

An increased level of physical activity is extremely stress-relieving. Various studies have shown that exerciseeven if it isnt that intense of a workoutcan dramatically improve your mood and help calm you down, which in turn will help your skin.

Look for a form of exercise that you enjoy, whether it is jogging, dancing, biking, yoga, or even roller blading. Have fun and get moving, and you and your skin will love the release of all that stress.

  • Fuel Up Healthily

When you are having a particularly stressful time, it is tempting to binge on unhealthy junk food because lets face it: it is much easier and often tastier to get dinner from the drive thru than have to fix something for yourself at home.

Instead of turning to fast food, junky snacks, and high calorie drinks like soda when you are stressed out, keep healthier snacks and easy-to-fix dinners that you like well-stocked in your kitchen. That way you wont have to sacrifice taste and convenience, but you will be filling your body with nutrients you need.

Also, make sure to drink tons of water. When you keep your body well-hydrated with actual water rather than sugary drinks, you will feel amazing and flushed of the toxins and impurities that slow your body down and make you feel tired and weak; as you improve your health just by drinking more water, therefore, you will be more prepared to deal with stress as it comes up because you will feel at the top of your game.

  • Get Your Beauty Sleep

Another important way to eliminate stress is to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Just like water helps you feel better and more ready to take on a stressful situation, a good rest also helps keep your body and mind in their absolute best conditions.

Force yourself to abide by a bedtime as well as a wakeup timeif you go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, you will maximize not only the amount of sleep you get but also the quality of it because your body will start to naturally want to go to sleep and wake up at those times.

  • Give Yourself Some You Time

If you dont allow yourself a single half hour to do something that you want to do throughout your day, you really need to rethink your schedule. Even if you just take time to watch your favorite TV show, read a book, talk to your best friend on the phone, or just search the web, you will feel a bit of any stress you are feeling ebb away.

If you are going through something specific, additionally, it may be a huge benefit for you to start keeping a journal in which you can organize your thoughts and relieve some tension. In fact, experts say that journaling can legitimately cut down on stress, so it really is a good idea for you to set aside some time each day to write out your true feelings.

  • Dealing with Your Stress More Efficiently Will Help Your Complexion

Truly, if you eliminate stress in your life or at least help yourself maintain some perspective during hard times, you will improve the quality of your skin because you will be keeping your hormones in check.
Use these tips today and stop letting stress take over your life!

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