Dry facial skin: reasons, terms of care, best recipes

Dry facial skin is a peculiarity of epidermis, happening when the cells are not capable to hold the moisture inside and oil-glands don’t produce enough amount of oil. It is quite rare condition for young ladies, but every second woman over 35 years old confronts such an unpleasant issue.

On one hand, dry skin looks a bit more aesthetic comparing to the oily one, but on the other hand it causes a huge number of problems for the beautiful half of humankind, which women try to get rid of all the time, or at least hide its external downsides. It becomes possible, if you manage to provide for your dry face skin a complete, regular and quality care treatment, which will even the majority of defects and will help to solve main issues. First of all you need to understand the reasons which led to epidermis dryness: some of them can be eliminated and the condition of dry skin will improve automatically.


Dry facial skin care

Dry facial skin care

If you know exactly which factors caused dryness of facial epidermis, dehydration and lack of oil, you can work on the treatment of these issues or at least on partial change. Some of the problems (like heredity,chronic illnesses, age ) can’t be corrected, but once proper dry facial skin treatment is provided at home without using modern cosmetic procedures, its condition will crucially improve. That’s why the first task is to find out the reason why dryness has occurred in the first place. The next provocative factors might be the answer:

  • Heredity: it would be beneficial to ask your mother, what type of skin she used to have in young age and what beauty issues she was suffering from;
  • age changes: after the age of 30, your body undergoes irreversible metamorphosis, which lead to fast evaporation of moisture from the cells, weakening their membrane walls, and leading to failure in oil-glands work;
  • internal sicknesses (acute and chronic): dryness of epidermis is often caused by issues of the digestive tract or nervous system;
  • body’s dehydration;
  • wrong choice and use of beauty products for dry skin (for example, often exfoliation is counter-indicative for such type of skin, and you can’t use an ordinary soap product for washing face);
  • vitamin deficiency: when skin doesn’t get enough nourishing elements (vitamins, micro-elements) it may intensively start losing moisture and from normal type of skin will slowly turn into the dry one;
  • long stay in the sun or freezing weather, solarium abuse;
  • failure in oil-glands work, which means they produce much less oil, that creates a cover-up on the skin and prevents valuable moisture from evaporation which makes it dry.

If dry skin is the result of one of the above mentioned factors, which can be corrected, you should definitely try to stabilize water balance in the skin cells:

  • Reveal and treat all existing sicknesses;
  • use rejuvenating beauty treatments after 45 years old for skin toning and removing wrinkles: almost all of them contain moisturizing components;
  • take multivitamin supplements twice a year;
  • provide proper, regular treatment for dry skin;
  • refuse from solarium;
  • choose correctly beauty products necessary for dry skin;
  • try to spend as less time as possible in the sun and frost;
  • don’t stress too much.

Many women don’t know how to take care of dry facial skin at home, how to provide moisture and what to do to make it more attractive. Remember that in the beginning you should make sure that skin suffers actually from dryness in the first place and not from being exposed too much to the frost, for example.


Treating dry facial skin at home

Treating dry facial skin at home

Major symptoms of dry skin are usually the following ones:

  • Dry, gentle, vulnerable skin;
  • pale and mat by color;
  • narrowed skin pores;
  • feeling of tightness after washing face;
  • exfoliating spots;
  • skin doesn’t suffer from acne and blackheads in young age, but after 25 , areas around eyes and mouth corners get covered with a small net of tiny wrinkles;
  • the skin tends to burn and itch once exposed to wind;
  • when the skin is exposed too much to the sun it burns quite fast or has an allergic reaction;
  • if you wipe your face with no make up with a paper towel there are no signs of oily and fatty spots.

In the age of 30-35, any type of skin tends to get dry and exfoliate. In this case oil type of skin is really winning, because when it loses the moisture with age it turns to the normal type of skin instead. If your facial skin used to be dry in young age, the above mentioned symptoms can get worse and give a bunch of unpleasant minutes to its owner. That’s why it is important to know how to take care of dry facial skin at home when you are 25 or 40 – the basic rules are the same for every age.

How to take care of your skin

Taking care of dry facial skin at home

Taking care of dry facial skin at home

Dry facial skin demands regular treatment, even if the owner of this type doesn’t really suffer from any unpleasant symptoms. They will just worsen within time, that’s why the earlier you will start to make preventive measures, more calm and comfortable you feel later.

One can not have a split and spontaneous methods of dry facial skin treatment – for example, only when situation is getting worse ( like crows feet start to be visible, the skin gets an exfoliating cover and other beauty issues). Vote of confidence in this case is the regularity of treatment. You should systematically, from one day to another follow cosmetologist’s recommendations.

Washing face

  1. Wash your face only in the evening. In the morning, such a procedure will only remove the oil produced during the night by your oil-glands, which provides protection. Too often facial wash make thin, gentle skin even more vulnerable for various external influences (like frost and ultraviolet).
  2. Wash your face with lukewarm or cool water. Try to avoid hot one. The same concerns water temperature you use during bath and shower.
  3. Forget about municipal water. You should only use quality water for facial wash, without any additional ingredients: it should settle for 24 hours, cooled down after boiling or filtering.
  4. Don’t use [filtered word 4], even if it is a gentle one, pH-neutral or antibacterial. You can choose moisturizing gel or foam for washing face.
  5. Don’t rub your face with a towel after washing: it will be more than enough just to blot it, in order to remove the moisture leftovers.

Face care products

  1. Choose properly beauty products (the ones you buy in the shop) for treating face skin. They all should belong to one series and one manufacturer. All of them should have such marks as  “for dry skin” or “moisturizing”.
  2. You should be also careful with choosing any beauty products you like: they shouldn’t contain alcohol, which aggressively dries your skin. If you prefer to make  masks and lotions at home for dry facial skin, this knowledge will be also useful.
  3. Use decorative cosmetics wisely and moderately. When you choose concealer and face powder pay attention to the moisturizing components and protecting filters.
  4. Always remove decorative cosmetics from your face before going to bed. Use proper make up removals, like moisturizing beauty milk or lotion, for example.
  5. It is better to refuse from exfoliation at all: clean the pores with the help of gommage scrub – it is more sparing and careful comparing to the usual scrub.


Dry facial skin care

  1. Correct your water consumption routine: it is the most common reason of dry skin. If you are the owner of dry facial skin, it is recommended to drink not less than two liters of quality water.
  2. It is impossible to provide a complete care for dry facial skin at home without healthy, balanced meals. It is advisable to eliminate or refuse from such foods from your daily menu as kitchen herbs, salty and spicy meals. As for the beverages, don’t consume alcohol, coffee, soda water as they possess diuretic properties and boost intensive evaporation of water from the cells, which worsen the condition of the skin.
  3. Multivitamin supplements are recommended to be taken not less than twice per year. If the condition of the skin gets worse in between (your skin covers with exfoliation spots) cosmetologists recommend to take vitamin A (retinol) and E (tocopherol)- pure and as a part of fish oil.
  4. Try to pay attention to the air in the building you spend most of your time in. It should be fresh, maximally moisturized,  not dry. That’s why always air the office and rooms in your house and have an air humidifier at hand.
  5. Don’t go too often to saunas and avoid pools, where water is still chlorinated.
  6. Don’t go in for sports which contribute to excessive sweating.
  7. Always apply a thick layer of the most nourishing cream you can find on your face before having a swim in any water (even the pool). It will provide protection for your skin.
  8. Don’t expose your skin to UV lights or low temperatures for too long period of time. Every time you go out in frost, heat or strong wind always apply a protecting cream with all possible filters and moisturizing properties.
  9. Smoking also contributes to fast moisture evaporation from the skin cells, so if you are seriously intended to improve your facial skin, it would be better to give up this harmful habit.

Following this simple and easy set of rules is the most complete, smart and quality way of treating dry facial skin, which is able to improve skin condition even in the moments of flaring up. Moreover, these treatments imply the usage of both shop beauty products and home made as well.

Homemade recipes

Dry facial cream

You can prepare at home not only the masks for facial dry skin, but also creams, tonic waters and special recipes for gommage scrub. The more regular such treatment is, more shiny and beautiful your facial skin will become: there won’t be any sign of exfoliation, the feeling of tightness will leave you for good along with premature wrinkles. Make sure to use the secrets of home cosmetology and choose couple of healthy and effective recipes for your skin.


  • Potato mask

Boil potato in its skin, peel, smash into puree and mix (at least one tablespoon) with apple puree (one teaspoon), one egg yolk and unrefined oil (one teaspoon of warmed up oil by using waterbath). Apply the mixture and leave it on your face for 30-45 minutes.

  • Green mask

Ground fresh leaves of salad (2 tablespoons) and soak them in sour milk until you get the smooth mixture. Cover your face with a thick layer of this remedy and leave it for 20 minutes. You can also apply herb mint facial mask or mask from strawberry.


  • Herb creams

Ground fresh or dry leaves of foalfoot herb (2 tablespoons) and cover with boiled water (500 ml), leave under the tightly closed lid for half an hour and strain the mixture.

Combine lanolin ( no more than one tablespoon) with unrefined olive oil (a bit more than 1 tablespoon)and warm it up in the waterbath. Add here the foalfoot brew (1 tablespoon) and juice from rib grass (the same amount). Keep stirring the mixture and keep on fire for 3-4 minutes. Once it is done, whisk with mixing machine and let it cool down.

  • Almond cream

Combine lanolin and bee wax (1 teaspoon only), melt it in the waterbath. Add pink water without alcohol (3 tablespoons), almond oil (2 tablespoons) and cool down.


  • Semolina

Combine 2 tablespoons of semolina with 1 tablespoon of oat flour and grounded orange peel. Dilute with washing gel until the mixture gets smooth.

Lotions and tonic waters

  • Cabbage lotion

Cover grounded cabbage leaves (2 tablespoons) with hot milk ( 500 ml), cover with a lid and leave it for half an hour. Strain the mixture.

  • Vitaminic

Cover the leaves of rose and jasmine (from each flower – half of the tablespoon) with boiled water (250 ml), soak for 6 hours, strain and add one capsule of liquid tocopherol.

Taking care of dry facial skin at home is neither a fairy tale nor myth, but a real possible reality. Take into account the following set of advices from cosmetologists and it will become possible to preserve youth, freshness and beauty of your face. All of the effective methods of skin moisturizing and quality protection are affordable to everyone, and there is no need to neglect them from the early age, because when you reach 40 it will be almost impossible to recover dried out epidermis with your own forces.

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