Eradicating Skin Tags at Home: Is it practically possible?

We all know that skin tags are itchy, irritating, ugly looking and especially when they form continuously at different areas of our body. On top of that frequently visiting your dermatologist to eradicate them whenever they pop out is even more irritating, embarrassing and not to mention it cost you a lot of money. The good news is that you can get rid of them at home as well, and there are numerous ways and methods to do it on your own. Regardless of whichever method you are going to opt for, if you start seeing skin infection around the area where you have removed a skin tag, you should immediately get it examined by a dermatologist to avoid scarring and other possible side effects. However, that rarely happens these days, especially when you have so much information available on the internet about avoiding skin infections.

Eradicating Skin Tags at Home

Examining Their Growth – Before you think about removing your skin tags, you have to be absolutely sure that they are skin tags not some other type of skin imperfections and growths. For instance you may get confused with skin tags, moles, acne and wart, because their different types may look identical to each other. Generally a skin tag is a tiny skin growth that grows slowly in size and usually they do not grow bigger than 1-2 centimeters. In appearance they look like cluster or flap of skin cells that are attached to the upper skin surface by a peduncle.

If it is possible to get rid of them home, what are some of the best and proven methods? Let’s discuss some of them…

Using Commercial Products Like Dermatend – This is one of the most tried, tested and clinically approved method for eradicating skin tags. As you can read in our products section, Dermatend is the most popular method that you can rely on when it comes to naturally removing them at home.

There are also several other over-the-counter skin tags removal products available that are particularly formulated to easily remove skin tags at home, Tag Away, WartMoleVanish are some of them. You can try these product to see if they work effectively for your or not if other methods and remedies are not working for you.

The Tag Tie Method – It may sound a bit bizarre but this method is proven to be effective one, especially for small size ones. With this way of removal, you need a piece of sewing thread or dental floss and then tie it tightly around the skin tag base. Once you’re done with tying step, now you can cut off the skin tag part which is left above the dental floss or thread by using a sterilized medical scissor.
After removal procedure you will have to thoroughly clean the surrounding skin area with anti-biotic liquid, antibacterial ointment or peroxide for healing and to avoid skin infection. This method is absolutely painless and almost exact method what a dermatologist would perform. After complete removal, skin tag should not re-grow or develop at the same spot, but if it does then it is recommended to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Drying The Skin Tag Method – Even though it’s a slow method because it does not show immediate results, but it is definitely is a lot less intrusive way of removing skin tags. In this method you have to create a paste of castor oil and baking soda and apply this paste 2-3 times every alternative day. Within 2-3 weeks, skin tag will naturally dry up and eventually it will disappear.

Most Effective Methods To Get Rid of Skin Tags at Home

Skin tags are a huge problem and concerning issue for people who find them irritating and cosmetically displeasing. They are generally formed when skin gets rubbed because of friction; however there are several other reasons that may cause their development, for instance hormonal imbalance, obesity, overweight issues and in women they occur during pregnancy.

Men who have skin moles or skin tags on neck, for them it is embarrassing to take off their shirts in public and for women who have them, it becomes extremely irritating when they get caught in their jewelries.

Regardless of the reasons why you get them, they are a cause of embarrassment, they look ugly and sometimes can be very painful when you accidentally touch or rub them. Given below are 5 effective methods we have thoroughly researched that you can use to rid yourself of skin tags at home.

Creams and Ointment Method – To remove skin tags you don’t have to visit a dermatologist who’ll charge you at least $200-$300 just for removing few of them. To avoid that you can use creams and ointments like Dermatend that makes it easy to remove them at home. Why do we have to spend our hard earned money when there are cheaper alternatives and cost effective treatments available? You can visit their official website to learn more about their product, method and user instructions.

Dental Floss Method – Did you know that it quite easy to remove skin tags simply by stopping the blood flow into the tag by tying it up at the base? For this method you need someone to assist you to properly tie the skin tag. Get a 6 inches or longer piece of dental floss or you can also take sewing thread and then tightly tie up the base of the skin tag so that it will completely stop the blood supply. After tying, the skin tag will drop off on its own in 3 to 4 days. It may take more or less time because it depends on the size of the skin tag.

Vitamin E Oil Method – The second most effective way of removing skin tags is to use Vitamin E oil. You can use it from a capsule or else you can also buy vitamin-e oil bottle from a nearby medical store. This method work by directly applying vitamin-E oil on the skin tag and then tightly cover it by a bandage. Vitamin E is naturally good to rejuvenate your skin and with this method it will work as a blood supply stopper with the bandage. After consistently applying this method, the skin tag should fall off naturally in 3-5 days.

Duct Tape Method – Duck tape is common DIY household item which we all have. In this method, you can take a duct tape piece and tightly stick or wrap around the skin tag and keep it on for at least 20 to 24 hours. You’ll see the skin tag has fallen off on its own if you have applied the method correctly. If it won’t work then you can try again few more times.

Compound W Acid – Just like Compound W mild acid is used for wart and other skin imperfections removal, it can also be used for eradicating skin tags. In this method you have to apply this acid on the skin tag and then cover it for 1-2 days by using a band-aid to get rid of it naturally. You can apply this method 3-4 times if this won’t work in the first attempt.

Know More On What Is Skin Tags, Types Of Skin Tags, Skin Tag Warts

What Is Skin Tags

Maybe you have experienced some skin tags and skin warts somewhere in your body. In general, they are non-cancerous and so they are harmless, But at times they can be irritating if constantly caught on clothing or on a visible part of your body, for example on your face. By the end of this article you will understand and know what is skin tags, warts and types of skin tags.

Do you know what skin tags are?

Skin tags are growths that show on a person’s skin. For people who have never experienced this condition it can be frightening but the truth is they are harmless. Skin tags resemble small pouch protruding from the skin on a stalk and usually resemble your skin color. But at times they can be a shade or a bit darker. They can be mistaken for moles and warts since there is no bigger difference in appearance. These growths are not painful apart from when they appear on areas prone to friction.

Types of Skin Tags

There are 3 types of Skin Tags namely:

  • Genital skin tags

They usually appear in the genital areas for both men and women. In men, these tags appear on the groin folds while in women they appear on the vagina’s outer labia. The older you get the higher your chances of getting genital skin tags.

  • Cutaneous skin tags

These tags are typically painless and rarely grow or alter their appearance. They mostly emerge on an individual’s skin folds such as underarms, under the neck or under the breasts.

  • Anal skin tags

These types of skin tags are associated with anorectal disorder that usually due to the presence of hemorrhoids or anal fissures. This can be an indicator of a more serious condition known as crohn’s disease that requires immediate medical attention. Anal tags may be uncomfortable due to itches or pains.

  • Skin Tag Warts

Most warts are harmless but can be nuisance at times. They come out due to an infection by a virus and can easily be spread if one is in direct contact with an infected individual. Warts grows on the skin’s outer layer and have rough, grainy sort of texture. Warts can develop on the hand or fingers. Plantar type of wart can appear on the soles of your feet.

Skin tags and warts can be removed. If you are experiencing any or both of them, see a doctor for the best remedy.

An Excellent Way To Remove Skin Tags By Using Dental Floss

Remove Skin Tags By Using Dental FlossSkin tags can be extremely annoying particularly when they are developed on face or other easily visible parts of our body because they are seen as unsightly skin growth. On the other side when skin tags are developed on awkward places such as neck, armpits and genital areas, they can be extremely painful as well because these body areas creates skin friction and that could lead to painful experiences.

Even though it is always recommended to remove skin tags by a dermatologist, but generally people prefer to remove them at home by using natural remedies and methods such as using dental floss for skin tags removal.

How to remove them by using dental floss?

Dental floss home remedy method is one of the most popular and preferred way for removing small size skin tags because it is extremely simple to apply, a cheaper alternative compared to what dermatologist may charge you for removal and most of all, there are thousands of people who have claimed this method to be one of the most effective one and has worked for them.
Step by step process…

  1. Get a piece of dental floss or thread and tie it as tight as possible around the skin tag at the base from where it is growing on the skin surface.
  2. Carefully make sure that it is extremely tight and will not loosen up after some time, because it is necessary for optimum results.
  3. Leave it tied for at least a week and do not tough the skin tag or floss again and again. You can carefully check the progress, however make sure that the floss is still in place and tight enough to let the process work.
  4. After 6 to 7 days the skin tag would naturally fall off on its own.

How does this method work?

Scientifically this method works by restricting and blocking blood flow to the skin tag which eventually cause it to fall off from the skin surface. This method should not cause bleeding because it will simply cut off the blood supply to the skin tag cells. As a result of this effective method there wouldn’t be any scar or blemish left behind on the skin.

What is recommended?

There are literally thousands of natural remedies and homemade methods for removing skin tags which are available on internet, however, majority of these remedies are not clinically tested, which makes them unclear whether or not they will produce results. Therefore we recommend our readers to avoid all the hassles, trying and failing, and make use effective skin tags remover creams such as Dermatend. It saves time, money and most of all it works wonderfully well for all types of skin tags.

Ways To Remove Skin Tag

From over-the-counter solutions to surgery.

Do you have a soft piece of hanging skin? That could be a skin tag or acrochordon. It contains fibers and fats but sometimes, it has no cartilage at all. Its diameter can range from 2mm to 5 cm and appears on the eyelids, neck, chest and groin.

Skin tags can be hereditary and can occur mostly on pregnant women, those with diabetes and human papilloma virus and those who are overweight.

People who use steroids illegally are susceptible too. Steroids curb normal muscle development, leading to a bonding of the skin’s collagen fibers resulting to a skin tag.


When they increase in size, remove skin tags to prevent irritation.
Here are popular skin tag removal procedures.

  • Cauterization

The skin tag is removed by a dermatologist. He applies or injects topical anaesthesia like lidocaine on the skin tag and the area around it. Then, with one hand, he grasps the skin tag with the use of a tweezers and holds it away from the skin, with its stalk clearly accessible. The other hand brings the cautery apparatus to the stalk and completely removes it. A topical antibiotic is applied before covering the area with an adhesive bandage.

  • Cryotherapy

This involves varied procedures. They are:

  1. Liquid nitrogen freezes the skin tag in the cellular level.
  2. Carbon dioxide snow, a combination of acetone and dry ice is applied on the skin tag.
  3. DMEP, which is available in aerosol and works at a temperature below 57 degrees Celsius.
  4. Hilotherapy wherein a cuff is placed around the skin tag and it pulls out heat from that area. It works at a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. It slows down blood flow to the skin tag.
  • Ligation

The procedure aims to stop the flow of blood to the skin tag so that it will fall off. This can be done at home with the use of a dental floss or thread. Wrap it tightly around the base of the skin tag in order to stop blood flow. By preventing blood and oxygen to go to the skin tag, it will eventually lose life and just fall off after 3 days.

  • Excision

Here, the skin tag is cut with a sterilized scalpel or scissors by a trained medical specialist such as a dermatologist. For skin tag in the eyelid, consult your ophthalmologist.

  • Over-the-counter solutions

There are many skin tag removal solutions available in pharmacies without any prescription. They are suited for small skin tags except for those in the eyelids and the genital area. Their burning sensation could harm the eyes and the sensitive parts of your body.

Always consult with your dermatologist when removing skin tags. If you choose to do it yourself, buy the products whose ingredients are safe for the skin. If the label does not indicate it, don’t trust the brand. Also use the product as directed.

Living With Skin Tags…

Living With Skin Tags

Skin tags vary greatly in size, color and density. Most of the time, skin tags are quite small skin growths that is slightly darker than your skin and usually groups together in areas like the neck, underarms, under the breasts and the eye lids. In more serious cases the skin tags can get very dense and leave your skin with a very rough texture.

Skin tags are unsightly and very misunderstood by the average person. Most of the time people with skin tags will get some awkward stares from people – who are usually grossed out by it. I know all about it and maybe that’s part of the reason why having this skin condition can lead to embarrassment and self consciousness.

Since skin tags are often quite visible you can easily be forced to wear only certain clothes or to even avoid certain situations altogether. In a culture where clear, smooth and beautiful skin is sought after, skin tags can be a real blow to your self esteem.

Although the emotional scars of living with skin tags is obvious, the physical side is also something serious to deal with. Skin tags can get sensitive and if you scratch it or if it catches clothes by accident it can be very painful indeed. It is not uncommon for infections to form where skin tags have been ripped off.

Skin tag removal can be a real challenge. Many of the traditional methods simply don’t provide permanently clear skin. The more traditional methods of removing skin tags has been proven very ineffective and dealing with the constant pain and cost of getting skin tags removed can be even more discouraging.

This is one of the main reasons why most people just leave their skin tags and decide to just live with it. It poses very little risks of skin cancer and for the most part it is completely harmless. Cosmetically it can prove to be a real challenge though. If you don’t want to just live with it, then you have several options available to you. You CAN get rid of this embarrassing problem and it is NOT permanent.

How To Remove Skin Tags

Skin tag removal comes in many different procedures, products and procedures – some more efficient than others. The biggest problem in removing skin tags is the fact that they tend to come back. Even after expensive medical procedures, the skin tags usually comes back and often times with a vengeance. Most procedures and products only deal with the SYMPTOMS and not with the CAUSE.
So, what are your options? Here are the most popular methods to get rid of skin tags.

  • Excision

This used to be the most popular method where the skin tags are cut off by a doctor and usually under a local anesthetic to ease the pain. Smaller tags can be cut off at the stalks while bigger ones needs to be removed with the stalks. The problem is that this is a very expensive procedure – especially if you have multiple skin tags. It tends to leave small scars and can be quite painful.

  • Cryotherapy

Also known as freeze drying has become very popular. It uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tags off your skin. It can be done in a clinic and you will need a local anesthetic as it can be quite painful – especially in dense areas. Again, it is quite expensive and leaves scars.

  • Electro Dessication

This is basically a procedure where the skin tags are burnt off. Like Cryotherapy you can get it done at a clinic, but it is quite expensive and it does leave scars.

  • Tying Techniques

A much more inventive technique for skin tag removal is by tying the stalk and letting the tag fall off. The tie basically cuts the blood supply and the tag will fall off after a couple of weeks. This is quite a safe method and is relatively inexpensive but it can take a long time. Since it does not get rid of the root of the tag it usually grown back.

  • Topical Treatments

With the costs of skin tag removal that high and the fact that most medical funds don’t cover the removal there’s been many over-the-counter products to remove skin tags. The majority of them focuses on killing the tag itself. Since it does not get rid of the stalk, the tgs tends to come back. Some products are quite harsh chemicals and you should take great care to follow the exact dosages to avoid scarring.

  • Natural Treatments

Natural treatments have been proven to be the most effective way to remove skin tags quickly and permanently. Unlike other treatments, natural skin tag removal focuses on removing the CAUSE of skin tags. That’s why it gets rid of skin tags permanently and best of all it is really inexpensive and you don’t need any surgery or special treatments at a clinic. Most natural treatments can be done at home and it very safe since it only uses natural ingredients.

You don’t need to live with the discomfort and embarrassment of skin tags. You can get smooth, clear skin without having to resort to expensive treatments. You can free yourself from the embarrassment and self consciousness.

How To Prevent And Remove Skin Tags Effectively

You can always treat skin tags using various solutions, such as the natural remedies and the topical applications you can buy in the market. Both options are great ways of handling the skin tag appearance in your skin since they are all working. It is just your choice whether to save money with natural remedies or get a convenient to use solution with the topical application products.

However, there is still the thought that you should have prevented skin tags if you have the chance to do so. As always, prevention is better than treatment.

In order to give you facts regarding this, here are facts that will help you understand the proper prevention of the condition:

  • Skin Tags Overview

These are benign, tiny, and hanging part of the skin, which are connected to the underlying skin. It commonly occurs during the rubbing of your skin to skin or your skin to your clothes. It is said that tags are not present at birth. The more you age, the better your chances will be to be affected by the skin tags. A report even released a statement showing that 25% of adults are suffering from the tags. It is also said that it can run in families.

  • Skin Tag: The Sign of a Condition?

Many people consider the skin tag a possible sign of an internal problem. This is possible but not yet proven by experts. It is said that in one study, a man had been provided with antibacterial and powerful drugs. After such event, the man had increased weight and eventually suffered from skin tags all over his face and body during the same period. Many doctors found this a link between skin tags to medication or the increased weight of the man.

  • Skin Tag Prevention: The truth

Do you know that there is no way to prevent skin tags at all? It is just happens that people try to mend things by targeting the main cause of the problem.

However, if you still insist, then you may try the following:

  1. Prevent Type II Diabetes. The condition is known for being linked to obesity. It is also added that skin tags may be related to the increased levels of insulin in your body. Many even speculated that the skin tags and acnes may form with high levels of sugar. If you can cut down sugar into your diet, it will be a better option for you after all.
  2. Balance Fatty Acids. You should also decrease the level of saturated fat in your body, which is a possible cause of your obesity.
  3. Maintain a Healthy Diet. This is a common method of preventing different conditions. It works very well in protecting the skin from various infections, which may include skin tags. It is best to do a lot of veggies and fruits.
  4. Balance your Internal Flora. It is said by experts that your immunity and digestion may need a boost to prevent skin tags. In that case, you need beneficial bacteria from kimchi, yogurt, and kefir.

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