Homemade Skin Tonics Recipes for Different Skin Types

Skin tonic is a beauty product aimed to give your skin a natural color and freshness. It is mostly applied before makeup, going outside and in case you have the marks of fatigue left on your face. It turns out that tonic is very beneficial, especially if you need to head to the party or a business appointment right after a hard working day, when your face reflects all the signs of being tired.

Skin Tonics Recipes

While store-bought products contain a large amount of perfumes and preserving agents, which can prevent your skin cells from breathing and even cause the addiction, it will be much more effective to prepare a face toner at home from natural and simple ingredients.

Why do you need a tonic?

Regular usage of face tonic can turn your tired skin into rested one, faded one – into blossoming, aging – into young one in a matter of half an hour. Biologically active elements of the toner are working in various directions in order to achieve one common goal – give your skin a maximum of freshness:

  • Pores get rid of sebaceous plugs, dust and makeup leftovers (foundation base, powder, etc ), dead skin particles;
  • the skin texture gets more even;
  • your skin acquires an unreal feeling of freshness even after a hectic working day;
  • marks of fatigue are vanished as if by magic;
  • pores tighten up;
  • acid-basic equilibrium of epidermis recovers;
  • skin gets moisturized;
  • blood circulations stabilizes;
  • metabolic process are activating;
  • skin cells rejuvenate, fill up with antioxidants, thanks to which the process of rejuvenating is launched and the aging one slows down instead;
  • using a homemade face tonic neutralizes the harmful effect of heavy water to the skin;
  • the state of problem skin rapidly improves;
  • the face tone gets better as well;
  • tonic also increases the effect of the everyday creme.

While the main purpose of the lotion is a quality face cleansing, the major function of the tonic is refreshing the skin and removing the marks of fatigue. These two beauty products should be separated and used according to their purpose.

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Lotion is usually used right after washing your face, while tonic is a final step in your morning and evening skin care routine. You can also use tonic up to 5-6 times per day to give a fresh breath to your face if you don’t have to worry about removing the foundation creme or powder.

Each skin type has its own recipe, explaining exactly how to prepare a face tonic at home to save your skin from premature fading and letting you be in your best shape in any situation.

Against oily effect

face tonic

Homemade tonics for oily type of skin usually contain alcohol base, berries, citrus and protein – all these ingredients have pre-drying properties.

Grapefruit +lemon+alcohol

Mix grapefruit and lemon juices (50 ml), alcohol (1 tablespoon), shake the mixture and pour into the flacon/bottle/can, cover tightly and leave it for three days before using.

Wild strawberries and alcohol

Cover pureed wild strawberries (100 gr) with alcohol (200 ml). Mix up the liquid , pour into flacons and cover tightly. Infuse for one month. Mix the cure with water in 1:1 ratio before applying to your skin.

You should apply tonic few times per day for the oily type of skin, as this is the best remedy against the oily effect, which usually comes up even through the thick layer of the makeup.

Moisturizing tonics

Tonic for dry type of skin contains moisturizing ingredients: yellow part of the egg, fat dairy products and fruit.

Banana+orange+milk+lemon+sugar powder

Combine banana and orange puree (1 teaspoon of each fruit) and cover with warm milk (200 ml), add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and sugar powder (10 gr). The content of this mixture will remind you the mask, that’s why you need to rinse it off in ten minutes after applying.

Peach tonic

Combine peach flash (20 gr) with yellow part of an egg and sour cream (50 ml).

Most of the homemade tonics contain perfect moisturizing properties, which makes them an excellent remedy to refresh tired and dry skin.

Refreshing tonic for combination and normal skin

Homemade Skin Tonics

In order to refresh the combination or normal type of skin, it is usually enough to use tonic 2-3 times per day, just to remove the marks of fatigue.


Combine grape juice (50 ml) with honey (1 teaspoon) and salt (2-3 gr). Infuse for one hour.

Rose petals

Cover rose petals with water in 1:1 ratio. Keep the mixture on low fire until the petals lose their color. Cool it down and filter.

Homemade tonics for combination type of skin include the variety of such products as eggs, herbs, honey, oils, milk and etc.

Rejuvenating products


Ladies in older age who experienced firsthand the signs of age changes are the ones who need quality, natural ways of skin refreshment. Homemade tonics for fading skin will give you not only freshness, but will also even up the wrinkles and the skin texture in general.


Mix up honey (50 ml) with lemon juice (1 tablespoon), add a touch of water (100 ml). Leave the mixture under the tight cover to infuse for 24 hours.

Cucumber+rose petals+lilacs+water+lemon+glycerin

Combine cucumber puree (200 gr) with diced rose petals (5 teaspoons), lilacs (2 teaspoons) and add alcohol (500 ml). Infuse for three weeks. Before applying onto your skin add a touch of water (50 ml), lemon juice (1 teaspoon) and glycerin (1 tablespoon).

The recipes of all rejuvenating tonics contain ingredients rich in antioxidants, such as fruit, berries and veggies.

Against acne

face care tonic

Homemade tonics for problem types of skin are extremely useful: they eliminate  the marks of fatigue, tension and irritation. As a result, the amount of acne is visually much less.

  • Oatmeal

Take a glass of powdered oatmeal (one glass ) and cover with boiling milk (500 ml ). Leave it for few hours and strain the mixture.

  • Herbs

Mix up such powdered herbs as chamomile, calendula, mint and Lawanda. Two tablespoons of dry mixture cover with hot water (200 ml). Cool down the liquid within one hour under the lid. Strain and use after.

Keep in mind that it is advisable to prepare homemade tonics in small amounts, as the expiration date of such products even in the fridge usually doesn’t exceed 3-4 days, and if tonic contains dairy products – even less. Even though you will have to spend time every two days for its preparation, the results will be so amazing that you won’t even think of the time spent.

Give a try to different recipes, and don’t get upset if some of them don’t work out from the first attempt. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual products and ingredients. Everything will have a beneficial effect if your main goal is to achieve a glowing, even, beautiful face skin in any time of the day, no matter how complicated it was. Sometimes modern women have a hard time in achieving such an effect.

Natural Homemade Skin Toner.

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