How to get rid of wens on your face at home and clinic?

Wen (lipomas) – benign tumors formed under the skin and having the form of bumps, localized in the most unexpected parts of the human body: as outside and amongst muscle fibers.

How to get rid of wens

Lipomas may be formed at any age and have different shapes and sizes. They are not hazardous to health, but look extremely repulsive, especially if there are on a face, so the majority of patients prefer to get rid of them once and for all.


Why do wens appear on your face? The most likely causes are:

  • Lack of production (or low activity) of digestive enzymes and disorders of protein metabolism in the human body.
  • Diseases associated with disturbed metabolism in cells.
  • Hereditary predisposition (if this factor is wens begin to form already in childhood and adolescence).
  • Some diseases of the endocrine glands or some other organs can provoke the forming of lipomas.
  • Improper diet.
  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The most common etiology of benign appearance on the face (especially those whose diameter is greater than 5-7 mm) remains unknown.

Types of facial lipomas

look of wens

There are 2 types of lipomas:

  1. Whiteheads: white wens, mistaken taken as acne or the result of a blockage overly active functioning sebaceous glands). Whiteheads have not a flow, so they can not be squeezed (this is a differ from acne).
  2.  Xanthomas, which locate in close proximity to eyes or on lids and have used to merge among   themselves. A variation of this type called xanthelasma.

Whiteheads can be primary (arising spontaneously) and clinical (as a result of a violation of skin integrity or pathological processes in soft tissue).

Subcutaneous lipomas can be:

  • Spilled;
  • Localized;
  • Soft;
  • Thick.

If a lipoma locates close to blood vessels, nerves or diarthrosis, it can be extremely painful.

What is a wen?

A whitehead looks like a dense white tubercles, pale gray or yellowish. Most often it localizes on the nasolabial triangle, the forehead, and cheeks can be as single as plural. If there are a lot of whiteheads, skin surface becomes uneven.

A xanthoma looks like a soft flattened yellowish-brown papule, commonly it localizes on eyelids or eyebrows zone.

Should you remove wens?

remove wens

If a lipoma is small, does not increase and does not cause any moral (with a cosmetic point of view), or physical discomfort, it is possible not to get rid of.

If a talc is growing rapidly, it is better to remove it until its dimensions allow to do a small incision and less traumatic surgical interventions. After the removal of lipomas, scars will stay. All deleted lipomas are subjected to histological examination in order to exclude the possibility of errors in diagnosis, as for them often masked some malignancies.

Wen Treatment

If talcs are small you can resort to conservative treatment, but the utilizing of such medicines and ointments are generally brings not a good result. The treatment method is simple: the wen is pierced and injected Diprospan. Sometimes injections are replaced by applications with the same drug substance.

How to remove wen on the face

How to remove wen on the face

Small lipomas could be removed during cosmetic procedures:

  • Mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Glycolic and retinoic peeling.
  • Phototherapy.
  • Laser resurfacing.

All these procedures are carried out under conditions of clinics and beauty salons.

Large lipomas are removed applying more radical methods:

  • Liposuction.
  • Electric and laser surgery.
  • Operational excision of a lipoma with a capsule containing it.
  • Removal through an incision in the skin.

How could you get rid of wens at home?

We would like to warn the reader that the remove of wens at home is still desirable: the procedure will be more effective and not such dangerous if you go to a specialist.

But in the absence of such a possibility as follows:

  • You could remove white talcs subject to strict compliance with all rules of asepsis.
  • Pre-buy alcohol, cotton, tweezers and insulin syringe.
  • Get anesthetic (lidocaine is most often used), and treat the skin near the lipoma.
  • Thoroughly clean the skin of the face and hands with alcohol, utilizing a disinfected needle gently pierce the skin and slightly rip the lipoma’s base, at the same time holding it with tweezers. The lipoma leaves the place as soon as you push on the tear.
  • Treat the wound with alcohol.

How to clean the face applying home remedies?

home remedies

The removal of wens on the face applying the methods of traditional medicine refers to the number of ineffective treatments, due to the lack of a fat flow fat could not go outside. If, however, under the influence of the applied drug the surrounding epidermis of the wen will break, into the body could get dangerous microbes.

However, if lipomas are very small, you can try to resort to homemade drugs.

A few popular recipes:

  1. Garlic ointment. Grind using a blender a slice of bacon and garlic (2: 1). Lubricate the lipoma 2 times a day.
  2. Medicine of burdock root. Scroll 500 g of burdock roots through a meat grinder and pour a bottle of vodka. Infuse 30 days (the place should be dark and cool). Finished medicine should be taken at least two times a day (before meals, 30 ml).
  3. Compress of aloe. Clean fresh aloe leaf and, by cutting in half, put a slice on the lipoma. Put a piece of adhesive tape. Take procedure for the night and continue up until the lipoma does not significantly reduce in size. Then remove it with the help of disinfected needles and make a compress until its complete disappearance.

Your actions if lipoma is inflamed

What should you do if a wen on the face is inflamed? If the lipoma is blushed greatly increased in size and began to hurt when you push it (and when you press, you can feel the accumulation of liquid inside), it indicates the presence of inflammation. The inflamed wen should be immediately shown to doctors and you should undergo a series of diagnostic procedures.

Once an accurate diagnosis, the lipoma should be removed in medical institutions. Independent removal of the inflamed wen may lead to irreparable consequences.

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