How To Get The Best Skin Ever

How To Get The Best Skin Ever

When you take skincare seriously, you’re always going to be happy with your skin. If you’re that kind of person who values her skin and wouldn’t  tolerate any type of blemish, then you know some of the best skincare tips. If you are just starting out your journey to achieving better and healthier skin, it’s never too late to start and when everything is done properly, you are destined to achieve the desired results. Skin plays a major role on our bodies and our overall wellbeing, why not show some appreciation to your skin? What you do to your skin will always be projected on the outside,  if you do good  to your skin then, everyone will notice the radiant and healthy skin you have, if you don’t do good to your skin, bad and unhealthy skin will be very evident and everyone will seem to notice it. It’s very easy to show some appreciation or simply do good to your skin, all you need to do is learn some great skincare tips that will ensure that you get the best skin ever.

Here are some of the skincare tips that, if done properly will definitely give you better and healthier looking skin. Let’s dive in.

Use a cleanser that will never leave your skin feeling dry.

Use a cleanser

The soap contains some elements that have a high pH balance which will take up all the water in your skin. These elements are in alkaline base and when used to cleanse the face, they tend to leave the surface of the skin dehydrated. Dehydrated skin or simply dry skin is not healthy and this will automatically lead to other skin blemishes, if you continue using the same soap or other cleanser which contain some elements that leave the skin feeling dry. Your skin cells need to stay moist all the time and this is what makes the skin healthier. When the skin cells lack moisture, your skin becomes very sensitive, acne and dry skin will worsen.

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A soap with the dying elements can claim it’s moisturizing, but in real sense it isn’t and will end up stripping off water from your skin cells. It is always wise to avoid a cleanser that has sulphates as part of its ingredients. A sulphate-free cleanser is safe and gentle to use on your skin. There are also moisture protecting cleansers which are simply good for the skin since they are designed to protect moisture in the skin cells, hence keeping your skin hydrated all the time.

Know your skin type

skin type

Do you know what type your skin is? More often than not people tend to do things the wrong way. You buy skincare products that contain amazing ingredients and still don’t work for you, and then you’re left wondering what to do next. The problem here is not with the skincare product, the problem lies within you, simply because you don’t know the type of your skin. Being aware of the type of your skin is very important because it is the only way to know and choose those products that are recommended for your skin type. Someone will tell you about an amazing skincare product that she loves and uses it every, but that doesn’t mean it will work for your skin.

Your results can be different from hers. Knowing your entails becoming aware of the specific needs of your skin. When you are aware of the specific needs of your skin, it becomes very easy for you to choose those products that are suited for your skin’s specific needs and will give you better results. Don’t buy skincare products based on the basic dry, normal and oily skin types, rather buy based on the specific needs of your skin. If you buy the products recommend for your skin type, then you will surely achieve a skin that will feel best in.

Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun

Wear sunscreen

Direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause unnecessary damage to your skin. Continued exposure to the sun can cause aging of your skin and wrinkles will start appearing. Everyone wants that youthful look and one great way to maintain a youthful skin is to wear sunscreen all days of the year. It is always wise to wear sunscreen that has a high-quality broad spectrum in your moisturizer every day, and it should be applied generously. It is also great to apply it after every 2 hours for maximum protection all day long.

Adjust your skincare routine after every season

skincare routine

There are different seasons in a year and the skin tends to act differently for one season to another. Basically how your skin acts during summer is different from how it acts during winter, therefore you cannot rely on one skincare routine for all the seasons. It’s upon you to adjust your routine seasonally in order to ensure you get the desired results. During winter, for many skin types, the skin produces less oil, thus would call for adding back some oil into the skin in order to maintain the right balance. On summer things are usually different from what happens on winter. In the summer, there may be a lot of breakouts in your skin which would require proper care.

There are also other factors that can cause your skin to act differently thus require you to adjust the skincare routine. These factors can be termed as season such as stress, medication, hormonal shifts and even moving to another city or country. The changes in your skin can be gradual and sometimes difficult to notice, therefore, it is wise to seek professional help from a qualified esthetician. All you need to do is make sure that you have adjusted your skincare routine and have acquired products that are recommended for your skin type.

Get regular facials

Get regular facials

Sometimes some of the skin products people use at home may seem not to giving you the desired results. Here the idea of getting regular facials form an experienced esthetician comes and believe me, this is always a great idea. Getting facials from an experienced esthetician can be termed as seeking professional help about your skin, and this help is destined to boost your skincare results. As skin ages, several changes take place which include reduced circulation and slowed metabolism.

When these changes happen, they impact negatively on the skin leaving you with a dull looking skin and wrinkles. Facials has it benefits and mainly it increases circulation in your skin cells, giving you healthier and radiant skin. It can be difficult trying to unclog your skin pores, this is another reason why you need to get regular facials from an experienced esthetician who will give you a deep pore cleansing facial designed to unclog clogged pores and control breakouts. How often you should get facials really depends on your skin type. Knowing your skin type comes first!

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin is a procedure that should be done regularly at home to unclog pores and cleanse your skin. When exfoliation gets deep it’s usually very effective and keeps your skin clean and healthy. The best to do deep exfoliation is by doing it longer and in gently. Exfoliation should never be done harder since too much force can be harmful to your skin. The effectiveness of the skin exfoliation can be increased when you exfoliate with an acid-based exfoliator which will extremely unclog pores, soften the skin as well as increase cell turnover rate. Acid-based exfoliators work deep into the pores and they ensure maximum cleansing which is visible.

Always eat a healthy diet

Always eat a healthy diet

We are what we eat. If you eat healthy you will look healthy. What we put in our bodies will always be shown on the skin. Therefore one of the best ways to maintain a healthier skin is by eating a healthy diet always.  For your skin to look young and glowing all the time you need to supplement your skincare routine with a healthy diet that contains plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These foods have nutrients that are very essential to the skin. Taking food rich in Vitamin C is very important, in fact, some studies have shown that consuming a diet rich in Vitamin C and low in unhealthy fats can promote a youthful skin. Treating yourself with a healthy diet should always be a priority for a healthier and younger looking skin.

Get to 7-8 hours of sleep a night

Get to 7-8 hours of sleep a night

Lack of adequate sleep can lead to several skin blemishes due to the compromised circulatory system. Skin blemishes that can be caused by lack of sleep include pale looking skin and dark circles on your skin. If you don’t get enough sleep then you are likely to become stressed up and this can cause acne and psoriasis. Getting enough sleep is one great way to improve the appearance of your skin and eventually get a healthier looking skin.


Getting the best skin ever should never be a difficult task to perform given the tips above. Better skincare is all about treating your skin better and loving it even more. You will always feel best in your healthy skin.

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