How To Identify The Best Under Eye Cream

Looking for the best under eye cream can be a frustrating experience, especially if product after product you have tried fail to come up with their promised results of no more wrinkles, bags, or dark circles under your eyes.

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But with hundreds or thousands of companies around the world fighting for your attention, all claiming they have the best eye cream, there are a number of things you should look out for.

Indeed, there are a lot of good beauty and anti-aging skin care products on the market, but for every good product that exists, there are so many worthless ones too.

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It’s essential to look beyond the glitzy advertising campaigns and celebrity endorsements; they don’t necessarily guarantee a product’s effectiveness. Before making any buying decisions, you should consider other factors, including the science behind the cream and the reputation and credibility of the manufacturer.

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Here are some questions to ask to help you in your search for the best under eye cream:

  1. Is the product safe? It seems an obvious question to ask but too many people are too willing to go out and buy a product without being fully aware of whether it’s safe or not. Just because a product is readily available doesn’t make it 100% safe. The skin around your eyes is an extremely sensitive area, more so than many other parts of the body, so really make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for. You might think your best bet is to go with a well known, reputable company, but that doesn’t really guarantee anything.
  2. Have the cream and its ingredients been clinically tested? It is very important to know how safe and effective a product is. Only go with an eye cream or serum that has been tested in clinical trials. A company should post the results of a clinical trial, so you can see for yourself how effective it has been under test conditions on real people. No clinical results? Then move on.
  3. Does the under eye cream work for other people? Ultimately, if a product is safe and has been clinically tested, the main thing you want to find out is if it actually works on others, people like you. Do your research. Does the company have verified testimonials? Do you know anyone personally who has used it and had success? The best under eye creams are in many cases the ones that other people are recommending, not just the company.

A really great anti-aging eye cream to treat eye bags, under eye wrinkles, and dark eye circles is one that can answer “yes” to all these questions. If it can’t, then think twice before taking the risk. Too many people are willing to make erratic decisions on what is good or not and are too gullible to believe what some companies say.

If you need a little direction on what many consider to be the best under eye cream, consider the Eye Contour Serum by Xtend-Life, a conscientious nutraceutical company in New Zealand. It answers “yes” to all the above questions, with proof to back up their claims.

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