How to minimize nasal labial folds and wrinkles at home

Is it possible to remove nasal labial folds at home? It is, however even and smooth skin is a result of regular complex of treatments. If you don’t have sudden laziness outbursts, this article is written specially for you.

What is it all about and where does it come from?

nasal labial problem

These boring nasal labial folds are expression wrinkles which look like two lines coming from the corners of the lips towards the nose. If the skin condition is not so bad, they might be visible only when you smile. However with age they become deeper and more visible, so anybody can notice them with a naked eye.

Folds become a misfortune of all women, despite the age, as they can occur even among the young ladies with rich facial expressions. And without a proper care and healthy lifestyle they can show up pretty fast. That’s why it is better to take care of wrinkles when there is no sign of them at all.

How to get rid of nasal labial folds at home?

As it was mentioned above, in order to get rid of nasal labial folds at home, you have to use a complex of treatments. If there are still no signs of the folds, you can simply stick to the healthy diet and minimum facial treatments, by using homemade masks, creams and other similar products. However if wrinkles are already visible, you will not manage without:

  • daily facial care;
  • balanced healthy meals;
  • massage and exercises.

How to get rid of nasal labial wrinkles at home

nasal labial

The title is chosen not by accident: the following recipes have been used even by our grannies. From now on, your daily beauty treatments should include the following things:

  1. Once you wash your face in the morning, massage the folds with a cube of ice for one minute. To get better results, freeze the brew of goat-weed or chamomile.
  2. After massage with ice do the following exercises couple of times:
  • do a pucker;
  • open the mouth as if you pronounce sound O;
  • blow out cheeks as much as you can.

In the evening, dip a cotton ball into warm natural green tea and leave on the fold for 20 minutes. Keep the cotton ball warm by dipping into warm tea every 4 minutes.

Nasal labial folds correction at home also includes applying facial masks. You can use all the fresh and natural ingredients you have in your fridge. The following recipe is the most effective:

  • Brew bay leaves. Take 12-17 leaves and cover with 50 ml of water, keep boiling for 5 minutes and drain the brew.
  • Whisk 4-5 yellow parts of quail eggs.
  • Add one tablespoon of olive oil into the egg mixture and 5-15 gr of dried alumens.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of bay leaf brew into the mixture.
  • Mix thoroughly.
  • Dip  the cotton ball or a bandage into the mixture, and stick it on the folds with help of the sealing tape.
  • In 40 minutes wash your face.

You can apply the mask for three days in a row, and then give your skin a rest for 4-5 days before applying the mask again.

Secret of Carole Maggio

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Carole Maggio is a world famous cosmetologist, who has a lot of Hollywood stars as her clients. Having worked for many years she created a unique set of exercises, which is capable to remove the nasal labial folds. The results from these exercises are often compared to plastic surgery – the effect is absolutely tremendous.

Here is how to do the exercises:

  • Set up two markings on your face in your mind, located amidst the upper and lower lips;
  • Open your mouth in a way that the markings remain on the same level, but at the same time they stretch from each other forming a perfect oval shape;
  • Move up and down the folds very fast with your fingers until you get a burning feeling in this area.


It is one of the easiest massages which you can do even at work, but the best time however is in the morning and evening. By using this technique you can reduce the nasal labial folds at home and improve the general state of your skin. Here is how to do the massage:

  • Place the tips of your fingers to the corners of your mouth.
  • Massage the corners of your lips for 30 seconds, starting from the middle of the lower lip and moving up to the corners.
  • Apply a cream with circular movements.

Hello from India

minimize nasal labial folds

minimize nasal labial folds

Indian massage is based on the biologically active zones and markings. Couple of such treatments allows to remove nasal labial folds pretty fast. The effect is long lasting and even if you gave up repeating the massage for any reason, the folds still won’t appear for long time.

Massage technique:

  • Prepare yourself and the face. Do a simple breathing gymnastics ( inhale – exhale), and warm up the skin with massaging movements.
  • Press your folds with a medium pressure with your forefingers and hold the position for 5-6 seconds.
  • With circular movements move the fingers along the folds up and down. Repeat two times.
  • Focus your forefinger on the fold and with the other finger make a half circle around the fold with stretching effect. Keep in place the nasal labial folds with your fingers, by stretching the skin and hold such position for 10 seconds.

Greer Childers technique of breathing

Greer Childers is an provincial American, who became world famous thanks to the weight loss techniques. After third pregnancy her skin got into really bad condition and the weight reached the mark of over 90 kg. It was the time when she started to do her own techniques, which are based on blood saturation and muscle’s hypertension. You can see the result by yourself: Greer looks 30 years younger than she really is.

Chiders technique includes exercises for both body and face:

  • Place your legs shoulder width. Hold your hands on the markings which are 2 centimeters higher your knees. Inhale and exhale two times. Hold your breath and open your mouth as wide as you can, at the same time pressing your lips into circle. In order not to form the folds around your mouth, show the tip of your tongue and stand in such position for 10 seconds. Repeat the moves 5 times more.
  • Stand straight. Pull your low jaw in front of the upper one and puff out the lips. Stretch your neck as high as you can and lift up the head. If you do the exercise correct, you will feel how your muscles stretch from the breasts up to the chin. Hold this position for few seconds and repeat another 5 times.

Asahi face massage

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The technique of this massage goes back to ancient times, to Japanese geisha girls, who were famous for their even and smooth face skin. These exercises will help you strengthen facial muscles and get rid of hateful nasal labial folds for good.

Do the following moves:

  • Place the forefingers on the upper grooves, located by the wings of the nose.
  • With pressing movements make 5 moves up and down, as if you draw eights.
  • Without removing your fingers from the folds stop applying the pressure.
  • Place the middle and ring-finger on the bridge of the nose, perform stretching moves from the center of the nose towards the folds. Repeat three times. When you move towards the folds apply more pressure and when you move back – weaken.
  • The last movement should be done three times: smooth down the skin with your palms from the center to lobes.

You can’t leave the fight with nasal labial folds on half way! If you started already to solve this issue, think the strategy through – from the very beginning to the end: change your lifestyle, give up bad habits, write down all the exercises. You don’t have to totally change your lifestyle at once: take one step at the time and very soon you will notice how prettier you got.

Face Muscle Strengthening Remedies: Fix Laugh Lines And Nasal Folds Without Surgery.

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