How To Protect Skin In Winter: Secrets of Skin Care From Cosmetologists

Harsh winter and cold weather remind us  again about the need to switch to the new regime – of warming and protecting our body. Skin is the first one to feel the change, that’s why it is the one that requires extra care in winter season.

Risk Factors

Winter face care

Winter face care

Skin tends to suffer the most in winter. You can often notice exfoliation, micro-cracks and sudden coarsen skin areas with tiny blood vessels. In winter season environment meets us aggressively with frost in the streets and dry air inside the buildings.

Being constantly influenced by the freezing wind, low and changeable temperatures, the layer of epidermis roughens, becomes thicker and starts to peel off. The protective function of oil glands lowers and that’s why skin becomes dry and tough.

The situation totally changes inside the building: warm and dry air that comes from heating systems dries and harms the skin. Water has the same negative effect. During the cold weather we tend to use warm or even hot water, which rinses off the protecting layer of oil. These are the major changes that cause skin dryness in winter time.

Complex care treatment is the key to success

Winter skin care should be regular, careful and for sure complex one.

It should include:

  • Cleansing;
  • nourishing;
  • moisturizing;
  • protection.

Face cleansing methods in cold months are very different to those used in summer time. Water with soap, especially warm one should be switched to beauty milk, lotions and tonic waters containing no pure alcohol. And you can use scrub cleansers twice less that usual. Wash your face and apply make up at least 40-50 minutes before heading outside in cold winter season.

Skin nourishing in winter is provided by a cream, which should be applied also long time before going out for a walk. If you don’t have enough time, it is better to skip cream at all and leave it until the evening. It is also recommended to make nourishing masks 2-3 times a week before bedtime.

Special attention should be paid to moisturizing. Skin tends to be extremely dry in winter, but it is also not advisable to use moisturizing products all the time, as they contain water which changes its structure under the influence of frost and harms protective skin barrier. The best time for applying such cream is evening or bedtime.

Be aware! All moisturizing beauty products containing water should be used at least one hour before going outside.

In order to protect skin in winter use special kinds of creams for protecting your skin from peeling off and freezing. They possess thermal insulation properties and raise skin’s immunity.

Skin Types and Care

winter skin care
Type of skin can change few times throughout the life course of every human being. There are many factors, both external and internal causing this phenomenon. That’s why it is important to start face skin treatment in winter time from determining your skin type in the first place.

  • Normal type

Normal skin type is less disposed to dryness and extra oiliness, which makes the whole treatment process way easier. The main task in this time is to support its normal condition, prevent dryness and over-cooling. It is advisable to wash face with cool water, and look for the cleansing beauty products which have creamy, soft structure (for example beauty milk).

Don’t use nourishing and vitaminizing masks not more than 2 times per week.

  • Oily type

Taking care of oily type of skin in winter means maintaining its natural ability to produce oil. However you shouldn’t let the greasy glitter show up as well. Treatment should be based on moisturizing cream, which is aimed to regulate glands exudation. In order to prevent greasy glitter avoid creams oily based. Micellar water with plant acids would be the best cleansing method for such type of skin. In case of excessive oiliness you can use cleansing scrubs up to three times per week.

  • Dry Type

What to do if you have a really dry skin in winter? If it peels off and gets red? In order to keep it healthy, you should nourish, moisturize and help to keep moisture in. The best helper of yours should be a nourishing cream oil based with acids. It is enough to apply it once in the morning. Clean and wash your face with soft facial milk and cream. Change lotions for tonic water. Try to make exfoliating treatments and nourishing masks once in ten days.

Be aware! You can moisten the air during the heating period with the help of ultrasonic humidifier. Its steam also reduces skin dryness.

  • Combination type

Skin care of combination type in winter season is very similar to that of a normal skin type. You can use universal moisturizing creams daily, and take care of the affected areas when needed: remove the greasy glitter in T-zone with the help of the lotion or tonic water, and exfoliation on the cheeks can be removed with soft exfoliating remedies.

Problem skin requires special attention and careful treatment in winter. It is based on active and regular cleansing, and also balanced nutrition of your body. The most effective cleansing remedies are the gel based ones with advanced level of PH.

In case of aggravating problems, it is necessary to ask cosmetologist assistance, who will determine the reasons and advise how to take care of your skin in winter.

What kind of cream should you use in winter?


Proper face skin treatment can be achieved by correctly chosen cosmetic products. Its major task in cold season is to provide maximum nourishment, protection and moisturizing.

Be Aware! You should choose tinting products separately in winter time, basing on its content, density and base.

Winter creams vary by purpose and properties. Before choosing one, learn all the information about various creams and determine the main function of yours:

  • Protecting – to create a barrier which will protect you from frost and wind. It is usually based on silicone components, which create protecting cover-up and prevent the moisture evaporation.
  • Moisturizing – provides intensive moisture and vitaminized nourishment.
  • Nourishing – it always contains vitamins and plant oils to help your skin survive winter.
  • Tinting – winter and summer foundation products are aimed to tone and protect the skin, however they differ by content and texture.

When you search for the winter supply of beauty treatments, don’t forget to purchase a cream for extreme aid against frost. It is not recommended to be applied daily, but if you know that the walk in the frost is going to be long, it will provide a necessary protection.

How to treat skin in winter

It is important to control the variety of ingredients when choosing the cream which will help to provide a necessary face skin treatment in winter. The best option would be if the cream contains silicone components and emollients – they create a protecting cover up.

It is essential for a cream to contain plant oils (cacao, avocado, jojoba, Shea ). For skin recovering and healing you will need panthenol and allantoin, for strengthening – vitamins A, C and E.

Unreplaceable components of all moisturizing creams are glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

For a note. While choosing winter beauty products, give preference to the ones of domestic manufacturers, which take into account our climate pattern.

For those who love facial masks

winter skin protection

Complex treatment will be incomplete without using winter masks of various purposes. Among a great variety of recipes, few most effective and simple recipes can be pointed out, which are also easy to make at home:

  • Cottage cheese mask

It will complement care treatment of combination skin type. Add boiled milk into the small amount of cottage cheese and stir until the smooth grainy paste. Apply for 25 minutes and rinse properly with warm water.

  • Herb mask

It will be a great help for dry skin. Combine the herbs of chamomile, mint and rib grass (take one teaspoon of all the herbs) and cover with 150 ml of boiled water, let is stay for 1-2 hours. Add a teaspoon of potato starch into small amount of herb brew. Apply the mixture with even layer on your face and rinse it off in 20 minutes.

More about herb mask, in our article “Herb Mint Facial Mask for Beautiful and Healthy Face“.

  • Protein mask

It is perfect for regulating oil. Whisk the white part of one egg and add a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice. And if you add into this mask a little bit of pollards or grounded lemon peel it will become a great mask-scrub.

  • Strawberry mask

This mask is admired by every single person. You can rean more about strawberry mask in this article.

Winter skin care has its ins and outs: extra nourishing, well timed moisturizing, careful cleansing and reliable protection. You won’t spend more time than in summer, just pay attention to the choice of winter beauty products. Health care is important in every season of the year.

Winter Skin Care Tips.

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