How to take a proper care for oily type of skin in different age

Oily type of skin is considered to be one of the kinds of normal skin types. It doesn’t give any particular problems to the owner as long as it is regularly and carefully treated, moreover it stays more elastic and fresh longer than dry skin. Wrinkles tend to appear on this type of skin very late as well. However in young age, an extra oil leads to the prominent oily glare, irritation, occurrence of comedons and pustules.

Oil production gradually slows down with age, but approximately 10% of women continue having oily type of skin even after 30 years old.

Reasons of enhanced skin oiliness

Taking care for oily type of facial skin

Taking care for oily type of facial skin

The major reason of oily skin is an intensive production of oil-glands, which is boosted in its turn by enhanced production of prohesteron. Usually this issue shows up in the young age and coincides with the period of active hormonal transition or the so called awkward age. It is very important to take a special care of the oily facial skin in this period of time. The highest level of oiliness is usually seen in forehead and nose areas.

Once the active hormonal processes are finished, the oil production is notably decreasing, thanks to which there is less acne, blackheads and pimples.

Major reasons

Oily type of skin up to 25 years old is considered to be absolutely normal, but if this problem continues even after 30, it is advisable to consult endocrinologist.

One of the reasons of enhanced oiliness may lie in hormonal disorders. In this case, in order to get rid of the problem you will need to treat the main sickness first.

However in majority of cases – it is just a peculiarity, which demands a proper care, by using special treatments and having proper knowledge as for correct treatment of oily facial skin in summer time, basic rules of how to protect it from UV lights, and how to prevent the irritation and so on.

  1. Enlarged pores. It is probably the biggest problem which occurs in this type of skin. Pores tend to get clogged rather often with dirt, extra oil and keratinizied cells. Active bacteria multiplication starts to take place. As a result you get a grayish face color and acne, which lead to even more pores enlargement and stretching.
  2. Oily shine occurs as a result of enhanced oil production, which leads to accumulation of oil and dirt inside the pores. As a result face tends to look rather greasy and dirty.
  3. Irritation and blackheads. This issue happens as a result of clogged pores, slow local metabolic processes and shortage of blood supply.
  4. Exfoliation. It may sound strange but oily type of skin tends to exfoliate. It happens due to accumulation of dead cells on top of the skin cover.
  5. Complicated beauty products choice. Makeup doesn’t stay too long on oily type of skin. In order to keep it for a long time, you have to follow certain rules.

How to find your skin type?

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You can find your type of facial skin by doing a simple test: wash your face with kids soap, blot with loop towel. Don’t apply any of the beauty products on your skin and let it breath for around two hours.

The goal of the test lies in applying a paper towel on any part of your face. You can also use glass, papyrus or mirror instead of the paper. If there are oily spots left on the surface of the tool, the skin has an enhaced oiliness. No stains and spots points at normal or dry type of skin.

Taking care for oily type of skin in different age

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The main goal of taking care for the skin face in young age is getting rid of the extra oily effect and preserving fresh face tone. In your 20-s oil-glands produce oil too actively, that’s why the major task becomes cleansing the skin cover.

It is better to make cleaning treatments twice a day. If your skin doesn’t suffer too much from oily effect it is enough to use a simple [filtered word 4] and special lotions. If the oily effect is rather prominent – you should choose cleaning products which contain fruit extracts or the tea tree oil, as a result enlarged pores tend to tighten up under the influence of these ingredients.

The most appropriate option is considered the one, when the beauty product for the oily facial skin contains a large amount of moisturizing components, but little oil (lipids). Usage of heavy and nourishing creams is not appropriate even if there is a feeling of tightness after washing face, because this feeling is caused by lack of moisture. The best options for oily facial skin would be creams containing vitamin E, with a rather light texture. They are made to keep in the moisture.
There is ever hardly somebody who thinks about wrinkles before reaching 25 years old, but it is important to start taking care of their prevention exactly in this age. That’s why it is essential to protect face with beauty products containing UV filters and use light night creams.

Program 30+

Proper treatment for oily facial skin

Proper treatment for oily facial skin

Oil production notably decreases with age – approximately for 30%. Oily gloss is no longer so intense comparing to youth. “The side effect” of this process is decrease of skin’s elasticity. Skin metabolism and cells renewal processes slow down as well. Dysfunction of blood supply to the textures leads to degrading of face tone, as well as to muscular tone weakening. Even though oily type of skin tends to age much slower comparing to the dry one, after 30 years, this process becomes more visible. That’s why facial treatment in the middle age has its certain peculiarities.

You should clean your face from oiliness in the early morning. The best way to do it is by using water with facial wash. It is not recommended to use an ordinary [filtered word 4]. You should also avoid hot water, as it widens the pores, vessels and boosts oil production. You can also wash your face with water containing herb brews, like: parsley or mint. Slightly acidic water (with addition of lemon juice) has a great toning effect and tightens the pores.

Toning is an essential part when it comes to taking care of oily type of skin after the age of 30. It is recommended to prepare a homemade tonic water by using cucumber, citrus juices with few drops of vinegar or alcohol. It is important to perform regular scrubs, exfoliations and gommage scrub.
It is also important not to neglect facial masks. For the best results add aloe vera and lemon juice. In case of enhanced oiliness it is advisable to use masks with whisked egg whites.

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It is very rare for this skin to preserve its enhanced oiliness in such age, as oil production is decreasing in almost three times, however the tendency to widen pores, greasy skin cover and irritation does stay with you.

You should clean your face every morning once you wake up and before going to bed with special beauty products, made for oily facial skin. It is not advisable to leave makeup for a night – it will provoke more greasing effect and will speed up aging process.

In order to boost toning effect it is recommended to use beauty ice cubes. You can add a brew of mint or calendula. One of the greatest remedies is frozen mineral water with lemon, green tea and vinegar.

Scrubs should also contain lemon juice. Excellent option would be the scrub containing sea salt, offals and a touch of honey. For the best homemade scrub recipes, click here.

It is necessary to make everything possible for preventing wrinkles in the middle age. The best products for taking care of aging skin are masks based on the mixture of potato starch with milk, honey and salt.

Necessary treatments

Oily skincare tips

Oily skincare tips

Washing face

Proper care of oily face skin at home starts with a simple procedure of face washing. Enhanced oiliness doesn’t mean you need to wash your face few times per day. However it is necessary to do it according to the rules and using appropriate products.

The perfect option for such type of skin is a special gel for oily face skin. You can start the treatment with warm water: it will help to open the pores. After it, apply a foamy gel on your face and do a gentle massage with a brush. As a result skin pores get cleaned from the grease and you can move to cool water: it will notably tighten the pores and will make them almost invisible.


A correct care for oily type of skin means often cleansing. The most common mistake among women is the usage of strong cleansing products, which contain alcohol, that boosts oil production and leads to even worse skin condition as your skin tries to restore ruined oil cover. It is better to replace alcohol based lotions for soft face washes, made specially for the oily type of skin.

It would be also appropriate to use remedies for boosting the local immune system and balancing the work of oil-glands. Beauty soap tends to tighten the skin pores and to leave the deposit. Products used for the oily type of skin should easily dissolve in the water.

Pay attention to the level of pH while choosing face washes and gels for face cleansing: it shouldn’t exceed 4,5. The following antibacterial components are also important: lemon oil, tea tree oil, basil oil. Alcalis are not acceptable in the base of foam facial washes: they are absolutely not appropriate for such type of skin.

For cleaning T-zone (which is usually marked by enhanced oiliness) sour milk is one of the best cleansing elements. You can replace it with curdled milk or kefir. Dip a cotton ball in one of these ingredients and wipe especially oily areas of the face (like nose, forehead and chin) by following the massaging lines.

Another effective remedy is a mixture of a usual coffee with sea salt (read more about coffee scrubs here). Combine both of the ingredients (equal parts) and apply on your face (moisture face skin with water first). After gentle facial massage (with circular movements) rinse the remedy off with warm water. This method has a drying and cleansing effect at the same time.


For the owners of oily face type of skin exfoliation is recommended quite often – at least once in three days. It cleans the face from accumulated grease in the pores and eliminates the oily shine. Exfoliation can also prevent pimples, irritation and development of various skin diseases. The best time for exfoliation treatments is evening, because face skin undergoes a sort of mini stress during this treatment.

The best efoliations for oily type of skin are lemon one . In order to prepare the remedy ground the citrus and add a touch of olive oil.

Another option is a saligenol exfoliation which has a notable drying effect.


Treatments for the oily face skin

Treatments for the oily face skin

Application rules:

  • Before you start the treatment clean face and neck areas, remove the make up.
  • Steam up the face skin by using steam bath or with the help of the towel, soaked in warm water. It will allow to open the pores and totally remove the accumulations of oil.
  • Don’t apply scrub on irritated areas of the skin cover, wounds and injuries.
  • Before applying any of the remedies test the product by applying the remedy on the small area of skin. If the skin in this particular area gets oily, you should change the proportions of the components or replace them with other ingredients.
  • Don’t rub skin after exfoliation.


  • Clay based scrub

This natural component is perfect for the proper care of the skin with enhanced oiliness: it intensively absorbs extra oil, removes them along with greasiness and dead cells. Clay is also able to narrow down the pores and tightens face skin.

For the owners of oily type of face skin the perfect option would be black and also dark brown type of clay. You can also use its combination. Thin out clay with boiled water until thick mixture and apply on the face. You should keep the mixture on the face until clay totally dries up. While rinsing off scrub – mask use circular massaging movements.

  • Brown sugar based scrub

Thin out brown sugar with cool milk and massage your face for few minutes with this mixture. Rinse it off. Taking care of your face with the help of such remedy will turn your skin mat and gentle.

  • Green clay based scrub

Owners of extremely exposed pores should use green clay. Mix it up with non fat yogurt or curdled milk and wipe your face with this mixture by using massaging moves, wash it off after.


Taking care of oily type of skin should definitely include usage of particular masks, which have a drying, tightening effect, remove greasy shine and which also prevent irritation and inflammation.

  1. Mask with lemon juice and non fat sour cream (all ingredients are taken in equal parts) will be perfect for extra oily type of skin. This mask will enrich skin cover with vitamin C and make pores less visible.
  2. Potato starch based mask with milk, honey and a touch of salt provides notable cleansing effect.
  3. Raspberry mask with addition of rice flour refreshes, cleans, tones and tightens face skin.
  4. Mask based on the combination of oatmeal with whisked whites will perfectly cope with greasy shine, will tighten up and dry facial skin cover.

Use of cosmetic ice cubes on face

All advices as for the proper care for oily type of face skin at home would be incomplete without mentioning such an important treatment as use of cosmetic ice cubes. In order to prepare them, it is advisable to use the brew of the following herbs ( sage, calendula, John’s wood ) and white semi-dry wine. You can replace regular water with mineral one. The treatment implies wiping your face skin daily with such ice cubes.

Nutrition rules

Taking care of oily type of facial skin at home

In order not to boost oil production, it is better to refuse from spicy and  harsh flavors, for example: pepper, spices and vinegar.

The base of your meals should consists of:

  • Dairy and sour-milk products;
  • vegetables;
  • grains.

Beauty products selection

General requirements to decorative cosmetics for oily skin type are:

  • Dryness;
  • deficiency of creamy components;
  • presence of the drying and anti-inflammatory components;
  • mating effect.

Face powder and concealer should be mat, have a thick texture and possess excessive stability. Presence of kaolin (white clay) in its content will help to erase greasy shine, while presence of zinc oxide in the formula of concealer will provide an additional anti-inflammatory effect. Many cosmetologists advise to totally refuse from face powder, because it clogs pores and provokes the occurrence of inflammation process and blackheads. As for the rouge, shades, eye liners, liquid and cream based products are definitely better to avoid.

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