Hydra Beauty Micro Crème Chanel Review

Hydra Beauty Creme ChanelLet’s talk about the facial care. Do you like to use lavish skin care routine or you are a fan of extra virgin coconut oil? No matter what you have heard of the amazing Chanel face creams. And of course you have always felt dubious about trying out certain brands or products. Check out the Hydra Beauty Creme Chanel review, I might be just the long awaited solution to your dry skin. I have tried and tested the product so you don’t have to. No need to feel lost among the variety of brands and product when all you need is a quality review and an expert opinion to help guiding you through the cosmetic counter.

The Manufacturer Claims

A revolutionary product meant to deliver a 24 hour hydration. Its water light texture is meant to deliver a sensational burst of freshness hat transforms into comfort of a cream. Your skin is left hydrated, replenished and fortified.

The micro-droplet technology ensures the ultra moisturizing properties of Camellia Alba OFA that provides replenishment and intense plumping effect upon release onto the skin. The Camellia Alba PFA works to maintain the optimal moisture level with the Ginger Extract protecting and reinforcing the natural defense system. Read on for the full unbiased Chanel hydra Micro beauty crème review.

First Impressions

Hydra Beauty Micro Crème Chanel

Hydra Beauty Micro Crème Chanel

Well the first thing you notice is the minimalistic luxurious expensive packaging which is pretty light. The can is blue with a black cap. If you look closely you will notice the tiny bubbles in the can, looks very cute. It will be a great accessory to your bathroom table or vanity stand.

How to use hydra beauty micro crème? The use is pretty simple; apply to the dry skin of your face and neck every morning and evening after the micro serum, ideal as a part of the daily routine as well as for preparing your skin for the makeup application.

The smell is very light, luxurious, and typical for all the hydra beauty line. The hydra beauty micro crème has a luxurious smell that is very pleasant and memorable.

It is a clear crème emulsion that is very light and hydrating. I noticed my sensitive dry skin feeling better, more elastic and hydrated. The crème absorbs really quickly as the consistency is very light, the face feels instantly refreshed and rehydrated. If you are wondering why exactly is it called the micro crème than keep on reading.

What We Liked

There are a few active ingredients able to moisturize and revitalize your skin giving you the comfort and glowing look. So why exactly did we like the hydra beauty micro creme? Here are the beneficiary agents that are meant to make you feel beautiful:

  1. Camellia japonica PFA (polyfractionned active ingredient), the camellia oil has got an outstanding plumping and hydrating power. So if you have dry or dehydrated skin this ingredient can do magic for you. Plus since it has been polyfractionned it is the cleanest form of the ingredient possible.
  2. Camellia japonica OFA aka oleofractionned active ingredient helps lock in the moisture, plump up and nurture the skin.
  3. Ginger root extract is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. The shield that helps blocking and neutralizing free radicals.
  4. Hyaluronic acid is well famous for the moisture boosting properties locking moisture in the skin.

And just to make the Chanel hydra beauty creme review complete I need to mention the new technology called the Micro-droplet technology, but do not be scared of the complicated name. Basically the technology allows forming the micro droplets of active ingredients in order to distribute them in the serum more evenly. This allows for the better skin absorption and even ingredients distribution. This is a great idea however it is very new and there is no clinical research of the technology and its effect on the product. But still it sounds very exciting.

Is It For You?

Hydra Beauty Creme Chanel Review

Well first of all not everyone is able to afford the Chanel face cream. And there is nothing wrong with that, it is very pricey and let us be honest you are paying for the brand as well as for the product itself. Are there similar products for less? Of course you can find quality creams and serums from the more affordable brands.

But in case you’re feeling generous and want to give yourself some love definitely give this product a chance. It is useful to pamper yourself ever once in a while especially if you appreciate quality products and luxury packaging. The can is very nice to hold and looks very cute. It takes a small amount of product to cover the entire face so the product is meant to last for a few months.

So just in case you’re still wondering if it is the right product for you there is not one universal answer. I would suggest that if you feel dubious you should skip buying it and in case you are tempted to try it and have the funds necessary to buy it than why not.

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