Hyperemia of face: what does skin redness signal about and how to get rid of it.

Everyone has suffered at least once from such an unpleasant issue as skin redness. Usually it is treated as a sign of shame and shows that person is kind of nervous. Sudden skin redness can be confusing and can make person worried even more in the most important moment, but this time because of the looks only.

There is hardly anybody who knows that even though the phenomenon of “red face” has a connection with emotions, it is actually caused by such natural process as blood flaw and is known as hyperemia. It occurs as a result of strong excitement and can bring a lot of aesthetic inconveniences to the person. So what exactly is hyperemia of face skin? Which factors cause it and how to get rid of it?

Definition and causes

Hyperemia of face

Hyperemia of face

The word “hyperemia” originates from Greek “hyper” and “haima” which mean “over” and “blood”. It is an unusual skin redness, which happens due to the involuntary expansion of blood vessels. It is characterized by extreme blood inflation of various body parts or organs.

Usually hyperemia is a natural response of person’s organism to a certain influence or action: high temperature in the room, physical activity, stress, alcohol consumption or spicy food and so on. The most common causes of hyperemia are the following:

  • Hormonal change. Pregnant women, lactating mothers and women experiencing climax tend to feel the so called flushes – very specific feelings, accompanied with increasing blood flow to face, heat and shivers. Hyperemia develops against this background.
  • Strong emotions. Stress, anxiety, sexual excitement, anger, panic, shyness and other similar emotions force your heart beat faster which speeds up the blood circulation to brain.
  • Cold effect. Strong wind, freezing weather make your body balance the temperature by itself so all the organs inside your body keep the warm temperature. That’s why every time you go out into the cold weather you end up with pink cheeks – it is a simple protection of your organism.
  • Hypertension. Disposition to high blood pressure can also cause hyperemia, as narrowed and clogged blood vessels can’t pump blood in full power. In order to keep a normal blood circulation in your body, your heart has to make a double job, causing your face turning red.

Skin hyperemia can develop under different conditions, for example when person’s body overheats as a result of a heat stroke. Allergic reactions, inflammation processes, fever, overweight, skin diseases – and other factors can lead to such effect.

Pay attention! Even though hyperemia is not an independent sickness, you shouldn’t neglect its symptoms. They are the result of negative processes taking place in your body, that’s why if this condition happens quite often – you should find the reason and start treatment as soon as possible.

Symptoms and treatments

Hyperemia of face

One of the main reasons is strong emotions.

In order to determine this condition correctly and not to confuse it with other skin diseases check these symptoms out:

  • redness looks unnatural and unhealthy;
  • redness takes place on regular base or doesn’t disappear at all;
  • skin gets covered with bright and dark red spots;
  • skin redness is accompanied with a feeling, as if all your face is burning.

Skin hyperemia treatment starts with determining the cause of such problem. To find this out, visit a dermatologist, therapist and pass medical check. Remember that only after determining and treating the factor causing hyperemia’s development, you can cope with the sickness itself.

For example, if skin redness is connected with certain emotional condition – it is important to overcome it. Are you afraid of public speeches and you always turn red? Then take a calming medicine before going up to the scene or discuss this problem with psychologist beforehand.

face Hyperemia

The main rule of successful hyperemia treatment  is a proper care. You can return your skin its natural tone by following these easy rules:

  • Apply a protecting cream on the affected area each time you plan to go outside. It will protect your skin from aggressive influence of outside factors;
  • During the treatment process refuse from beauty products which contain alcohol. They dry skin which only intensifies the redness effect.
  • Reconsider your meals. Avoid spicy food, coffee and alcohol. Healthy lifestyle is a guarantee of a healthy and beautiful face tone.
  • Apply cooling  packs by using herb brews. They improve blood circulation and reduce redness.
  • Avoid anything that can harm epidermis, like hot water, exfoliation and loofah during the bath.
  • Apply lightening masks on regular basis. They boost cleansing and lightening  of the affected skin areas.

It is important to remember that intense blood flow to face requires complex treatment, implying both medical therapy and special beauty treatment of affected areas. In order to maintain your face skin well taken care of and attractive, protect it from destroying external environment, take a proper care and once you have red spots, rash and other unusual skin issues – immediately ask for dermatologist’s help.

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