Peach Kernel Oil For Face – Eternal Youth Of The Skin

Who doesn’t love peaches, right?! Delicious, fragrant fruit, “Persian apples” – this is how the fruit used be called back in the time in China. Eastern poets praised in songs these beauties, comparing them to rampant and velvet fruit. Though eastern doctors were the ones who cherished the fruit the most. And not because of the amazing flavor, but for the oily fluid you can get from the pits.

Peach kernel oil secrets

Peach kernel oil for the face

Peach kernel oil for the face

Our skin just loves to bring us surprises all the time: blackheads, enhanced oiliness and hormonal pimples in youth. Betraying nets of wrinkles is already somewhere around the corner as well. But the good news is this unique peach kernel oil for the face is appropriate for taking care of epidermis in any age. Nutritious substrate  is absorbed by cells in no time, where the oil starts its healing process in the deepest layers of our skin.

Content and benefits of healing essence

Fragrant, oily substance of light-yellow color possesses a huge number of important elements necessary for the skin, which are able to give skin a second youth. Peach kernel oil for the face is especially useful in the following few cases:

  • Loose skin, which forgot what elasticity is all about;
  • lips issues (sores in the corners of the mouth, small cracks and scaling);
  • inflammatory rash, dermatitis, eczema;
  • dry skin around eyes area (“crow’s feet”);
  • dull and blank face color.

Using peach kernel oil is also beneficial for totally healthy and normal type of skin. It gets a great preventive action against future age changes. This magical extract is capable to remove almost all the issues epidermis may suffer from:

  • Ascorbic acid. This strongest antioxidant brings back elasticity and spring to the skin, protects cells from destructive radicals, restores the process of collagen production.
  • Retinol (Vitamin A). Prevents acidic processes taking place on the cells level, improves skin protective properties, helps to provide cells with oxygen.
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E). Synthesizes elastic fibers of collagen, smooths tiny wrinkles, evens up and flattens face tone.
  • Fatty acids. They will restore cells membranes,  boost nourishing, reduce dryness and deeply moisturize epidermis.
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2). Widens the vessels, balances water-salt metabolism, gets rid of exfoliation, improves face tone.
  • Rutin. It will restore epidermis ability to accept and keep useful elements, will whiten skin and remove the signs of pigmentation.
  • Phospholipids. Strengthen capillary walls, deeply moisturize them and help to keep the life blood.
  • Caratinoids. These antioxidants are useful during the preventive actions and treating numerous skin diseases, they can also remove the swelling and irritation.
  • Minerals. Will advance protecting properties of the skin, restore natural face color and improve skin’s structure.

How to use peach kernel oil for the face?

Peach kernel oil for the face

Peach kernel oil for the face

  1. Use the oil for removing make up. Dip a cotton ball into the oily extract and remove makeup leftovers with gentle movements.
  2. Take care of sensitive area around eyes. On daily basis carefully apply an oil on this area, and massage the oil with the finger tips into the skin.
  3. It is very useful to add peach kernel oil into any kind of the beauty products you usually use for your face. Just add few drops of the healing remedy into the products you use.
  4. Get rid of the cracked, dry lips. Apply a peach kernel oil onto your lips. Try to avoid eating or drinking for the next hour or so. Let the the healing extract get totally absorbed by your skin.
  5. Peach kernel oil is very beneficial during massage (especially anti cellulite one and spoon facial massage). It is usually combined with other essential substrates (grapefruit or orange). Massage problematic zones of your body with this mixture using strong, powerful movements.

Help dry facial skin type

In order to use peach kernel oil for the face against wrinkles, dryness and exfoliation, apply the oil on daily basis as your night cream. Cover the most problematic areas with this oil even during a day.

  • Scrub for sensitive type of skin

Combine equal parts of peach kernel oil and grounded almonds. Apply the mixture onto the steamed, moisturized skin. Massage skin for 5 minutes. Remove the leftovers of the scrub with napkins. Wash your face with cold water.

  • Sour cream mask against exfoliation

Smash two medium sized peaches until the puree texture. Add a peach kernel oil (10 ml) and sour cream (20 gr). Mix thoroughly all the ingredients and boil using a water bath. Once the mixture is done, apply on the skin and keep for 25 minutes. Remove the leftovers with cold water.

  • Cottage cheese nourishing mask

Take equal parts of peach kernel oil and fat cottage cheese. Combine the ingredients and mix thoroughly. When the mixture gets a smooth texture apply on the face. Keep the mask for half an hour and remove the leftovers with lukewarm water.

Revitalizing oily type of skin

Peach Kernel Oil

Peach Kernel Oil

Peach kernel oil is extremely effective against pimples when you use compresses. Prepare the brew from the following herbs (purple sage, chamomile and lime tree). Clean the face first, apply the oil. Dip in a towel into the mixture of herbs and cover the face. Have a rest  for half an hour and after apply your usual face cream.

  • Unclogging face scrub

Mix up sea salt (200 gr) with peach kernel oil (15 ml). Add sour cream (100 ml) and mix it up thoroughly. Scrub your skin along massaging lines for 7 minutes, paying more attention to the most problematic areas. Once done, leave the mixture on your face for another 15 minutes to get the best effect.

  • Egg whites mask for removing irritation

Take a flash of medium sized peach (around one tablespoon) and egg white ( whisk until the thick foam). Add peach oil (10 ml) into the mixture. Apply on the face and keep for around 20 minutes. Wash your face with lukewarm water.

  • Lemon juice mask against greasy shine

Mix up peach puree (20 gr) with fresh lemon juice (1 tea spoon). Add peach kernel oil ( 7 ml) and oat flour (5 gr). Mix all the ingredients and wait for five minutes. Apply the mixture on your face. Wait for quarter of an hour and remove the leftovers with cool water.

Peach kernel oil for the face will become a magical rejuvenating remedy only if you apply these caring treatments on daily basis.

Let your skin be always young!

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