Prototype 37-C Brief Product Review

Prototype #37-C is an anti-wrinkle treatment that the manufacturer says out performs any other similar anti-wrinkle products currently on the market. They say that the secret to their success is that it is based on a 99% peptide concentration. They claim that these peptides are essential in fighting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Prototype 37-C Brief Product Review

They also say that most anti-wrinkle solutions only contain 2 to 5% peptides because of the cost. Prototype #37-C says that their formula of the 99% content of peptides is made up of 6 different types that have been clinically proven to work ridding of wrinkles and more.

Product Claims

The Prototype #37-C website also states that their wrinkle serum was developed using a potent, yet flexible formula that doesn’t just help remove as well as prevent wrinkles, they say it also reverses the actual process of aging. They also say that with their anti-aging serum your skin tone will improve, age spots will heal and your skin will be rejuvenated giving you a young, supple look.

The Prototype #37-C website also says they use a clinically tested, patented peptide called SYN®-COLL (as well as others) that is supposed to be a real miracle worker. They call it a “bio-active” ingredient that was created to deeply penetrate and moisturize your skin as well as repair and/or remove stretch marks.

It is supposed to have the ability to build collagen supplies thereby firming the skin and removing wrinkles. The website states in a big bold claim that it reduces wrinkles by 257%, however we’re not absolutely sure what that means.

Does It Work?

Most anti-wrinkle products have peptides as ingredients. So far there doesn’t appear to be any reason why this product works any better than the rest. In fact, there is so much hype being played out throughout the website that it tends to make you feel that what they are claiming is just too good to be true.

This product has received a some good reviews from what we can find however most of them are dated which may mean that other wrinkle cream products are now giving better results. Prototype #37-C’s website keeps referring to clinical tests and research however they don’t list who carried them out.
There also isn’t any mention of who exactly manufactures the product however they do list a toll free number throughout the site as well as a live chat option giving you the feeling that they do communicate with you.

Product Guarantee

They offer what they call the “worlds very best money back guarantee” if you are not totally pleased. They say all you need to do is return one empty bottle of your Prototype #37-C once you’ve used it entirely as directed for a one month period. You’ll get all the money back minus the shipping and handling charges.

Keep in mind however that you will not get a refund if you don’t following their directions and return policy completely, step by step so be absolutely sure to read the small print. There seems to be quite a few little loop holes so be careful because this product is not inexpensive, it sells for $149.95 per bottle.

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