Rosa Arctica Anti-Aging Skin Cream Brief Product Review

Rosa Arctica Anti-Aging Skin Cream

Rosa Arctica is an anti-aging skin cream manufactured by Kiel’s. This skin cream is touted as using a rate “resurrection flower” that when combined with the products other ingredients infuses the anti-aging cream with cell reviving nutrients that are supposed to ignite the skins ability to repair itself resulting in more youthful looking skin. While this all sounds great and kind of like the magic fountain of youth in flower form, one has to ask does this product really work?

The official Kiehl’s website features the Rosa Arctica anti-aging cream on its home page. However, after a close look you will discover that although the site talks about the flower itself it does not list any other product ingredients or offer any clinical studies showing that once this flower is infused into an anti-aging cream that it has the power to rehydrate your skin, or to help your skin repair itself.

In fact, other than saying that you should use the product twice a day and recommending that the night time application of Rosa Arctica be used with another one of Keihl’s products there is little information given about the product at all.


I did manage to find 4 ingredients that are in the Rosa Arctica anti-aging cream. The Rosa Arctica itself,
vitamin E, Lipids and Squalane (olive oil) no other ingredients could be found. With a lack of ingredients found in this product and without clinical studies it is almost impossible to tell if this product works at all. Considering that the company charges $60.00 for a 1.7 ounce jar of this cream it would be nice if a little assurance to its effectiveness was offered by the company. However, there is none.

Positive Reviews

I was able to find several positive reviews for this product all of which extolled the virtues of Rosa Arctica as a moisturizing cream. However, not one users stated in their review that this anti-aging cream reduced or diminished wrinkles even a little. Since most people purchase anti-aging creams to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles the fact that not one reviewer mention seeing any reduction in wrinkles is pretty significant.

This leads one to the conclusion that while this product may be a good if somewhat expensive moisturizer it is questionable as an anti-aging cream.


While this product may be a good even excellent moisturizing skin cream there is simply no proof what so ever that the inclusion of the “resurrection flower” in this skin cream will aid your skin’s cells ability to repair the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkle.

The Rosa Arctica shows no sign of being a floral fountain of youth and the inclusion of this flower in what is little more than a moisturizer seems little more than hype to justify the expense of this product. If you are looking for a great skin moisturizer and are willing to pay the expense you may well like this product. If however, you want to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles there are better products out there.

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