Skin care: truth or lies? 5 most common myths

It happens quite often that various sources spread contradictory facts about facial skin care: moisturizing, nourishing, cleansing peculiarities and other things. Among all of this huge load of information you can encounter both useful advices and absolute myths. Whom to believe then? The right answer would be – trust cosmetologists and common sense. Now let’s try to debunk the most popular myths about skin care.

Tea Moisturiser

Myth 1. “If you apply moisturizing cream in winter season, the moisture contained in the cream will get frozen in the skin cells under the influence of low temperatures and it will bring only harm to your skin” – this myth occupies probably the first place in the big ocean of disinformation concerning skin care.

In reality let’s be logical. Water gets frozen at 0 degree Celsius, right? How often does the skin temperature go below 0 degrees? It never happens, even during the most severe weather conditions, body temperature doesn’t go below 36.

It is however true (in most cases) that the main accent in winter is paid to nutrition rather than to moisturizing. Moreover, almost all of the creams have water or any other liquid base (for example aloe vera juice in creams produced by Anna Lotan). That’s why you definitely have no reason to be afraid to apply moisturizing cream.

issues on you rskin

Myth 2. “If there are no visible issues on your skin, it looks healthy and beautiful, no care is required, as extra treatments can harm your skin instead” – it is another statement, which has no logical arguments.

Truth: common sense will help us again to find the truth. If you have a healthy skin – you are definitely lucky. But is it possible to be sure for 100% that your skin has not even one issue? It is impossible to see right away that skin is dehydrated for example. And no matter how beautiful skin you have, you are likely to anyway use decorative cosmetics, which has to be carefully removed and your skin properly cleaned after. The only thing that is going to be different is applying beauty products designed for normal type of skin. And in order not to harm the skin, don’t neglect cosmetologist’s advices. This way you will help to preserve beauty and health of your skin.

Soap best cleanse

Myth 3. Soap is the best cleanser, especially when it comes to removing extra oil from combination and oily types of skin, and it also dries pimples. This popular misbelief is often told to teenagers by their parents.

Truth: Soap removes not only extra oil, but also a protective cover up from your skin (hydrophile-lilophile barrier). Violation of this barrier leads to skin dehydration and dehydration in its turn leads to a great number of other consequences, such as dryness, tightness, peeling and other issues. That’s why all beauty products for washing face should be chosen with the recommendation of cosmetologist who will take into account the type of your skin and its condition.

Myth 4: Oily type of skin has to be a little bit dried, while a dry type maximally moisturized.

Truth: oily type of skin has an extra skin oil, but not the moisture – so there is no sense to dry it out. Dry skin type on the contrary lacks skin oil, so why do you need to extra moisturize it? People who spread such myths usually are not able to answer these questions. In order to give a proper answer it is important to study out the peculiarities of these skin types.

As it was mentioned above, oily type of skin has extra oil production. It means the work of oil-glands needs to be stabilized (with the help of special beauty products), and not by removing oil from the skin’s surface. If we start to dry skin (which is basically the synonym of removing the moisture), oil-glands start to work even more actively – so as a result you have an endless circle. But besides extra oil you will also get numerous unpleasant feelings, which accompany dehydrated skin: exfoliation, irritation and tightness.

As for moisturizing dry type of skin, misbelief basically means that we assume the notion of “dry” means absence of moisture. In reality skin becomes dry due to the low production of skin oil by oil-glands. It means in order to stabilize the skin, it needs an extra oil which can be found in various cream’s components – first of all additional nourishment and only after moisturizing.

Oily skin

Myth 5. “If you noticed an oily gloss on your skin , it means it turned to the oily type. From now on you need matting agents and appropriate beauty products”.

Truth: shiny gloss, especially in the T-zone of your skin may mean, that your normal type of skin became dehydrated. As it was mentioned above, due to the lack of oil, oil-glands start to actively produce oil. That’s why it is recommended to advise cosmetologist, sudden appearance of shiny gloss can be a signal that your skin needs extra moisture.

Beautiful and healthy skin is the best attire and the best “makeup”. In order to maintain your skin healthy look, you need to have a proper skin treatment, which is based on its condition and type. That’s why don’t neglect taking advise from a specialist – pay a visit to cosmetologist, he will explain all the peculiarities of skin care at home, which you should do on the daily basis. Don’t be shy to ask all the questions that bother you during an appointment and don’t believe to all the myths we are surrounded with. Let your skin be healthy and beautiful all the time!

Alice Stone

Alice is specialist in the field of skin care, cosmetics, makeup. Always ready to share the best beauty secrets and help you to keep your beauty for a long time.

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