Skin Tags On Neck: What Causes Skin Tags & How to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags on neck – skin tags can appear almost anywhere on the body. It offers different challenges for different areas as the skin on our bodies vary greatly in terms of sensitivity, thickness and vulnerability. When you think about it, the skin actually has to endure a lot. Friction is one of the big things and its also one of the main causes for skin tags on places like the neck.

Skin Tags Location

Skin Tags Location

We don’t really know exactly why skin tags form but what we do know is that its a benign skin growth that can affect all people including children. It tends to affect adults much more than children though and while it tends to fade away for children, adults are not that lucky.

Nobody likes skin growths. Apart from being considered “unattractive” it can be irritating, sensitive or even painful. There are a number of ways to deal with skin growths and in most cases the answer is to leave it. If it poses any health risks then removing it is essential but if that is not the case then leaving it is the best option.

The challenge however is that skin growths can be very embarrassing. Those on the face or other exposed body parts can be the source of great embarrassment and anyone who has very visible skin growths know what its like to be self conscious about them. Skin tags on neck definitely falls into this category – especially for women.

The main cause for the growths on the neck area is friction with clothing. Wearing collared shirts means that a hard surface is continuously rubbing against the surface of the skin. It acts like sanding paper and the irritation on the skin causes the skin tags to grow. What makes this particularly bad is that its usually not just one or two tags that form but lots of smaller ones can cover the entire neck area and even down to the shoulders.

So, what can you do about this?

The first thing is to try and find the cause. If you are someone who wears a lot of clothing to cover up your neck (because of the tags) or even if you are someone who wears a lot of collared shirts or have surfaces against your neck all the time then it can be a major cause. You need to stop wearing these clothes. Certain types of fabrics also tends to make it worse especially synthetic fabrics. Once you stop the cause you can start to make progress.

The next step is to remove the skin tags from your neck. Because it usually covers a large area you can’t simply pick of one or two. You are likely dealing with a few dozen and many conventional removal methods can leave you with lots of small scars and eventual skin discoloration. Getting them cut out or burnt off is likely to leave small scars.

One of the safest ways is to use so-called cryosurgery where the skin tag gets frozen off by applying a small amount of liquid nitrogen solution directly on it. This will lead the skin tags to eventually form a scab that will just fall off. There are also chemical solutions that can be used and many of them can be found in popular over the counter products. It can be very dangerous though because all this can damage your healthy skin if you don’t use it correctly.

Home remedies is yet another great option. By using simple everyday ingredients you can achieve the same results without taking any serious risks. The success of home remedies vary greatly from person to person but the fact that its inexpensive and completely harmless means that its well worth a shot.
Its important to mention that if you have bleeding skin tags or skin tags that are very sensitive or painful then you should get it checked out by your doctor before you try to remove it.

Skin tags on neck is very common and can be very debilitating. You can get rid of it though and you can restore your skin by removing them and also removing potential causes of it. Do not let skin growths break down your self esteem. You can do something about it starting today.

What Causes Skin Tags

Skin Tags Cause

Skin Tags On Neck

If you start getting skin tags you may become worried at first. Its only natural to wonder what causes skin tags. It usually appears out of nowhere and with no apparent warning or specific cause. Everyone, especially women, want to have clear, beautiful, flawless skin, but there are many things that can plague us, and ruin the ideal of flawless skin. There are many things that can affect the appearance of your skin, acne, rosacea, and skin tags are all common skin ailments that affect many people.

There are many theories about what causes skin tags but there are no definitive answers. There have been extensive studies into what could cause skin tags but as of yet no one seems to have an exact answer. The good news is that skin tags are not harmful as long as they stay clear and do not become dark.

One thing that is known about skin tags is that they are a harmless overgrowth of skin. One theory about what causes skin tags is that they are caused when skin rubs together. This theory comes from the areas where skin tags are found, and the people that seem to get them the most. Skin tags can be found anywhere, but they are more common in areas where skin rubs together. The armpits, between the thighs, in the folds of neck skin, and around the eyes are all common areas. Another thing that backs this theory is that skin tags are more common in people that are overweight.

Women that are pregnant also seem prone to getting skin tags, and diabetics also get them. The theory about what causes skin tags in diabetics is the fluctuation in their insulin levels could be a factor. Older people seem to have more skin tags, again the theory is that as you age your skin loosens and rubs together more. People that get skin tags can either have a few, while others can have dozens of them. There is no real explanation for why some people only get a few skin tags while others develop many of them. The one good thing in all of this is that they are harmless, you may feel some slight irritation when a skin tag rubs on clothing.

Other than that, skin tags and dark spots pose no threat to your health, but many people think they are unsightly and want them removed. This is another bit of good news when it comes to skin tags, you can remove them yourself with a pair of fingernail clippers. If you clip them as soon as you see them, it is almost painless, although the site will bleed a little.

The longer you wait to remove the skin tag the more it will hurt to remove them. They can also be frozen off with over-the-counter wart removal products, or you can have a doctor remove them.

In conclusion, what causes skin tags seems to be when two areas of skin rub together. Other than that explanation, there is not much other information about skin tag causes. Unless a skin tag is in an area that is noticeable, or it is causing you pain or discomfort there is no cause for alarm. You can either leave them alone or use one of the simple removal processes.

Understanding Skin Tags

Skin Tags On Neck

Skin Tags On Neck

For those who suffer from severe skin tags the problem can range from a mild irritation to extreme embarrassment and even anxiety. While this skin condition is mostly misunderstood the effects are very real and prominent in the lives of those who has to deal with from day to day. Skin tag removal can be a challenge in itself with most people having a life long struggle to get a smooth, clear and pain free skin.

A Skin tag (the medical name is Acrochordons) is a small tumor and 99.99% of the time it is completely harmless and non cancerous. The exact cause of skin tags is still unclear but it is basically a small skin growth that attaches (and feeds off) the skin via a small stalk.

Skin tags vary in size, but most of the time they are quite small and some can get very long with strong stalks attaching it to the skin. It’s most common on areas of the body where there is frequent abrasion and the armpits, eyelids, neck and under the breast or even the genital areas are most affected.

Skin tags can affect anyone. The majority of cases seems to be people who are overweight and obese and part of the reasons for this is attributed to excess skin and excess abrasion of the skin. Older people are most affected by skin tags and women are more prone to it – especially during and after pregnancy. There’s also been a lot evidence that skin tags are hereditary.

This skin condition can affect you in many different ways. Although it is mostly harmless it is very unsightly and most women who suffer from skin tags can have severe self consciousness because of it. Most people don’t understand skin tags and that’s why it often gets a lot of stares and even comments.

In a culture where clear, smooth and beautiful skin is desirable, skin tags can have a very detrimental affect on the way you feel about yourself. You might find yourself always trying to cover them up with your clothing – some women will never wear open tops to avoid skin tags in the neck or underarms from being exposed.

Skin tag removal is a nasty business. Traditional medical understanding of the problem has been limited and for the most part it’s been treated with conventional methods that leave scarring. Even after getting skin tags removed via laser or with traditional surgical procedures it tends to come back. Often it comes back with a vengeance and become stronger, bigger and denser than before.

While you can just ignore it and carry on with your life it is easier said than done. The embarrassment and the constant itching and unsightly presence is enough to get anyone down. There are many treatments available to remove skin tags – some more effective than others. Natural non surgical methods has had phenomenal results long term and today many doctors are also avoiding the scalpel and opting for a natural approach to remove skin tags permanently.

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