Spoon facial massage: secret techniques from cosmetologists

Would you like to lift your skin without spending a penny for a beauty saloon? Are you tired of highly expensive and non-effective lotions? Would you like to look like 20 in your 40-s? It is quite easy to get rid of the wrinkles and return youth to aging skin: you just need 20 minutes a day. Sounds unbelievable? Try a spoon facial massage and see the result!

Spoon for facial massage

What exactly is a spoon facial massage?

This technique was used even by our grandmothers, however nowadays it became popular thanks to the world famous cosmetologist Rene Koch. In few words, the whole treatment is about pressing your skin gently with a spoon’s opposite side. You can apply massage to your whole body, but the best and easiest results are achieved on the face in the first place.

This kind of massage doesn’t promise you any miracle like any other lotion advertisement, however it still remains more effective. By applying this technique daily, you will notice the improvement already in a month. If you implement it every single day, your skin will not know what is getting old. The effect is achieved thanks to balancing the liquid and blood current in your body.

Here is what you need for the massage

Spoon facial massage’s benefit is that it is available for every single woman. You will only need:

  1.  Couple of tea or dessert spoons. Silver or copper-nickel spoons would be the best. However if you don’t have any, metal ones will do as well, though the effect will be less visible.
  2.  Green tea, chamomile or any other herb brew.
  3.  Couple of ice cubes.
  4. Floral honey.
  5. Oil. Each type of skin requires its own:
  • oily and mixed type needs the oil of nuts, sesame seeds or almond;
  • normal type – apricot, peach or olive oil;
  • dry skin needs jojoba or flax seed oil;

Keep in mind the following advices:

Spoon facial massage at home

It is not difficult to perform the massage at home, but you should consider few important points, for example:

  • The best time for the treatment is morning;
  • Cleanse and moisturize your face skin with lotion before massage;
  • Make sure nobody disturbs you for the next 20 minutes;
  • Prepare all necessary ingredients beforehand. Warm up the oil, place the ice cubes into water and so on.

Pay attention! You can apply the massage only along the basic facial lines!

The scheme of the face massage approximately looks like this:

  • On the forehead from top of the nose to the temples and the line of hair growth and forehead;
  • With circular movements from the inner corner of the eye;
  • On the cheeks from the nostrils to the temples;
  • From the neck’s beginning to the chin.


Spoon massage

In order not to get infected with dirt, every single spoon should be disinfected. Dip two spoons inside the hot liquid and the other two inside the cold liquid (the quantity of spoons may vary upon the technique). Perform the massage according to the scheme described below.

Let your eyes shine again!

Against swelling and sores

Cool the spoons down in the prepared herb brew or in the fridge. Put the utensils on your upper eyelids for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 5 times. Do the same procedure with your lower lids.

This technique will remove the wrinkles, eliminate the swelling and dark under-eye circles. It will make your tired eyes bright and shiny again.

Against under-eye circles and eye-bags

Put two of the previously chilled spoons to the inner corners of your eyes. With wave like motions slowly transfer spoons to your temples. Lightly press temporal bones three times and with the same actions move the utensils to your ears. Hold the spoons for 4-7 seconds and return to the eyelids for 2 seconds. Repeat the procedure three times.

Against crow’s feet

The following technique will help to get rid of expression wrinkles and will also have a great lifting effect. Besides 4 spoons you will also need an anti wrinkle cream.

Warm up the spoons a bit and place them in the corner of your eyes. With three circular motions transfer the utensils towards the temples and hold there for 2-4 seconds. Repeat the same moves 3 times. Do the same procedure with cold spoons but only once. There should be 3 such repetitions.

Open up your forehead

massage techniques

Against forehead wrinkles

There are 3 techniques that can help to cope with wrinkles in this area. You can choose one or perform all three for better results:

  1. Dip a warm spoon with oil and place to the beginning of your eyebrows. With circular motions slowly slide to the temples. Repeat the same procedure 10 times.
  2. You will need two warm spoons. Put one of them to the temple and draw a spiral with three circular motions. Slide along your forehead towards the second temple and repeat the procedure. Take another warm spoon and make the treatment one more time but starting with another side.
  3. Place two hot utensils to the middle of the forehead and move them simultaneously to the temples, as if you draw a zig zag (move them into opposite directions). When you reach the temple lobes, gently press them 6 times. Do the same moves but with cold spoons.

Against wrinkles between the eyebrows

The massage is performed with hot spoons. Place the utensils between the eyebrows and press 6 times. Slide the spoon up along your forehead and do the same procedure with a cold spoon. Repeat the moves three times.

For pinky cheeks

Warm up a spoon in the oil and massage along the following facial lines with a bit of pressing:

  • chin – ear lopes;
  • upper lip – ear;
  • nose – temples;
  • chin – face bones – temples.

You should repeat the moves around 10 times or even more. Once the oil is absorbed, dip the spoon into oil again and continue the massage.

Sensual lips and accurate nose

Massage with silver spoons

Massage with silver spoons

Massage with silver spoons helps to get rid of small wrinkles located in nasal labial folds. These issues usually add around 10 years to your appearance and turn your face into dull and sad expression. Get rid of these issues by doing the following technique:

  • Slide with a warm spoon from upper lips with spiral moves along your cheeks towards the ear lope. Do the same procedure but from the lower lip. Repeat the moves 5 times.
  • Blow the cheeks and gently massage them with impact movements with a warm spoon 10 times. Repeat the procedure 4 times switching each time for the warm spoon.
  • Warm up two utensils and put an anti-wrinkle cream on one of them. Open your mouth as if you want to pronounce sound “O”. Place the spoon to the wings of the nose and with circular motions slide to the lips and then back. Repeat it 3 times.


To be beautiful is very easy – just make a habit to take a daily care of your skin and you will achieve the results. Spoon facial massage might not treat old or serious issues, but it is capable to prevent them and remove already existing expression wrinkles.

How to do a spoon facial.

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