Strawberry face mask: properties, effectiveness and best recipes

This mask is admired by every single person:  whether you are a kid or an adult, vegetarian or meat lover, slim or plumpy one. This bright, fragrant summer berry is incredibly delicious and healthy. Strawberry can be used either as your favorite meal or as one of the ingredients in medical and cosmetic beauty treatments. Strawberry mask has restorative, antiseptic and anti-aging properties.

Strawberry composition and nutritional quality

Strawberry face mask

This mouth-watering berry contains a great number of vitamins, micro-elements, healthy fruit acids and such nutritious elements as:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • vitamins of group B
  • magnesium
  • copper
  • calcium
  • iron
  • proteins
  • carbohydrates

You may use berries themselves as well as the strawberry leaves, which are usually collected  during flowering period. Strawberry face mask may be applied to any skin type. It contains such healthy properties as:

  • makes your skin look younger;
  • tones;
  • brings back skin elasticity;
  • softens;
  • cleans;
  • whitens;
  • reduces skin pores;
  • gets rid of acne;
  • removes tiny wrinkles.

Strawberry health benefits

Strawberry health benefits

Scientists claim this powerful berry has anticancer properties due to the rich amount of antioxidants.

These elements slow down the processes of neuronal and behavioral aging and even decelerate Alzheimer’s disease development.

Strawberry has also positive influence on the heart. Regular consumption of this berry reduces the risk of ishemia by 30%.

Strawberries sooth down inflammation processes and improve the digestion.

The only drawback of the strawberry is the possibility of allergic reaction. If you don’t have a tendency to the allergies, you may use berries for consumption and preparing beauty remedies, like cremes and masks. Strawberries are quite common ingredients in masks preparation.

What are the main health properties of strawberry face masks?

It`s fame among ladies is quite reasonable:

  • Strawberries contain alpha-hydroxy acids which boost peeling off the cork cells, which in its turn prevents skin aging.
  • Masks prove whitening effect and save you from such issues as excessive pigmentation or discoloration, freckles.
  • Berries also contain natural antiseptics, which make such masks a perfect beauty remedy for acne skin care: it helps to get rid of blackheads, inflammation and irritation.
  • Salicylic acid removes acne, oily sheen, shrinks pores.
  • Strawberry masks make your face visually fresher. Such effect is achieved by ascorbic acid: its amount found in berries with such a lovely aroma could even beat citrus.
  • Vitamins and minerals moisturize skin, nourishing it with useful elements and at the same time prevent aging by keeping the skin toned.
  • The healthiest mask is considered to be done from fresh strawberries. It is advised to choose the most ripen and juicy berries.
  • Strawberry pits serve as a sort of a peeling: gently cleaning and massaging skin, removing keratinous layer.

When should you apply strawberry masks?

They are basically multi-functional: you may choose the appropriate recipe fitting any skin issues.

Strawberry mask against wrinkles will help you to remove tiny crows feet and at the same time it smooths the deep ones. Smash couple of berries, add a touch of honey (1 teaspoon), wrap the mixture into piece of cloth and put on your eyes. Wipe it off with a wet cotton ball.

Anti-aging strawberry mask tones skin, returns its natural freshness, elasticity and tension. Smash couple of big berries, add a bit of cottage cheese ( for dry skin use cottage cheese with high amount of fat, for normal type – give preference to medium rate of fat), pour a bit of olive or linseed oil. For better effect you may also use such vitamins in capsules as E and A.

Regular strawberry masks against acne can remove and visually minimize the quantity of this unappealing condition. Smashed berries are mixed with a touch of milk and starch. Apply the mixture on inflamed areas. For better effect use a cleansing tonic after the procedure.

Strawberry face masks recipes

Strawberry face masks recipes

It is advised to make beauty treatments with strawberry throughout a year. How to prepare such a mask in winter? The answer is very easy: use frozen berries. The result is almost the same as if you use the fresh ones. During freezing process (unlike thermal conditioning) all the healthy elements preserve. You should choose ripen, big berries though. Before preparing don’t forget to wash them thoroughly, dry out by putting on the paper towel.

Recipe 1:

For dry skin: use strawberries, egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. To make the mixture thicker add a touch of flour. Apply the remedy on the clean skin only.

Recipe 2:

The following mask has amazing nourishing effect for dry skin: combine fat sour cream with strawberries and add an oily mixture made of vitamin A (few drops). Cover all your face except the eyes area.

Recipe 3

Face mask with such ingredients as strawberry and honey perfectly fits the skin which showed the first signs of fading. Besides mentioned ingredients you will also need olive oil and vitamin E. Apply the mixture with thick layer and remove in 15 minutes with a help of a cotton ball soaked in milk.

Recipe 4

For minimizing pores use the following remedy: add few drops of lemon juice to the strawberry puree and a touch of strong tea.

Recipe 5

Clay strawberry mask is a perfect choice against acne. You may do it at home once per five days. It is better to use white or blue clay for this cure. Just mix it up with strawberry and lemon juice.

Recipe 6

This mask will fit skin with visible pores. You will need an egg white, strawberry flash and a touch of wheat or corn flour.

Recipe 7

Strawberry- banana mask will moisturize and nourish your skin. You can increase its effectiveness by adding one capsule of vitamin E.

Recipe 8

Cucumber-strawberry mixture has a great refreshing and tonic effect. All you need to do is ground the cucumber, mix it up with strawberries and apply on your face.

Recipe 9

You can get rid of small wrinkles by applying boiled rice (milk based) and strawberries.

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