Taking care for the skin around eyes: how to preserve its youth for years?

Radiant, bright look, mysterious flicker of thick eyelashes and thin, delicate eyelid’s curve – aren’t these things what every single woman is dreaming of every day looking into her reflection? In order to stay attractive for a longer time it is not enough to use just decorative cosmetics, neither is covering tiny wrinkles or skilfully masking under eye dark circles. Careful and regular treatment of the skin around eyes should become a daily habit of every woman starting from the young age.

Peculiarities of delicate zone

care for the skin around eyes

The structure of the skin around eyes doesn’t really differ from the other parts of the face, however it is more delicate and sensitive indeed. Moreover there are almost no muscles or fat in this area which makes your skin drier, affected to stretching and fast wrinkles occurrence. Add here the fact that eyelids are constantly moving (they blink and participate in mimics) – it just exacerbates the issue.

Unhealthy lifestyle also has its negative influence on the condition of the skin in this area: constant tiredness and stresses, improper meals and sicknesses show up as dark circles under the eyes, as well as redness and swelling.

Decorative cosmetics abuse violates skin’s nourishing, prevents active air exchange, which leads to poor eyelashes growth and irritation caused by excessive dryness.

It is highly recommended to start taking care of the delicate zone around eyes since the age of 25, when there are still no visible reasons to worry, however without a proper treatment they will become evident pretty soon.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that in such young age you have to upload your makeup bag with such heavy beauty means as AntiAge. But it is definitely essential to be armed with few simple rules of care and follow them on regular basis – this way you will keep your skin around eyes young for many more years.

5 steps to bright look

5 steps to bright look

If you start using the following simple recommendations on daily basis, such unpleasant things as edema and corws feet will not disturb the beauty and innocence of your look long period of time:

  • Go to sleep in time and have a full rest. Keep in mind to always remove the makeup before going to bed with soft beauty means, designed specially for soft skin and having no alcohol.
  • Do a light massage every evening: gently touch the skin around eyes with the tips of your fingers – it will boost blood circulation in this area.
  • Always use high quality cosmetics, like creams and refinishes designed specially for the skin around eyes, which match both age and skin needs. Always apply beauty means with light, tapping motions. Never stretch or rub the skin in this area.
  • Choose cosmetics from approved manufacturers. Low quality mascaras and shadows can cause different reactions, including harsh diseases, like pinkeye or  blepharitis,  without mentioning poor beauty results.
  • Don’t forget the sunglasses in summertime, which effectively secure your skin from ultraviolet rays and thanks to dark glass you squint your eyes less.
  • Take care of the skin around eyes at home by applying masks from natural ingredients (such as strawberry face mask), which refresh and nourish this delicate area.

These are the usual ways of treating your skin, which you should keep on daily basis in order to see the result. However time never stops and the 20-year old girl grows up day by day, and the first, almost invisible wrinkles tend to become more and more visible. What changes your skin undergoes with age and what does it actually require the most in different periods of life?

Let’s talk further. Beauty conquers all.

How to treat skin around the eyes in different age frame?

How to treat skin around the eyes in different age

Skin surrounding eyes is the first one to react to the age changes, however it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to slow down the visual effects of aging. You just need to be aware which changes your skin undergoes after 30-40-50 and choose appropriate care. Then the result won’t keep you waiting.

20-30 years old

In the beginning of this age frame, skin around the eyes is still full of power, energy, elasticity and tension. But the aggressive influence of such external agents as UV rays, dry air, lack of sleep and more can cause your skin to become drier and make your wrinkles visible even when you are just a little bit over 25.

In this age it is quite easy to fight these issues with the help of anti mimetic and anti wrinkle masks. Light, nourishing emulsions and moisturizing creams will be another help in taking care of the skin around eyes, as well as balm gels appropriate for this age.

Don’t forget about using sunscreen means even if you have the sunglasses resting at the bottom of your bag. However don’t rush beforehand and load up your makeup table with beauty remedies made for older women. Their components can cause an opposite effect: your skin will stop its re-constructive processes and will demand a boost from external sources.

30-40 years old

In this age the major proteins – collagen and elastin, responsible for elasticity, tension and endurance of skin covering start to get destroyed. As a result – the amount of small wrinkles around eyes starts to increase, and the ones you had before tend to get deeper. Women start noticing extra swelling after a night sleep, which can signal about possible inner body sicknesses, as well as about low vascular tone, caused by destructive processes going on in the skin.

But it is not the time to get in despair, as the chances to look young and beautiful in this age are extremely high! Beauty companies are eager to offer you a wide range of effective remedies, containing a whole series of biologically active components.

Caring for skin around the eyes after 30

Caring for skin around the eyes after 30 should always contain both nourishing and moisturizing effects, as well as protection and lifting. One of the effective ways to bring back youth to the skin around the eyes is by using special emulsions with high concentration of useful elements.

Although, you can’t use them on daily basis, it is more than enough to make such a beauty course once or twice per year.

Besides homemade usage of creams and masks, it is advisable to visit cosmetologist and pass couple of standard saloon procedures, such as : meso therapy, collagen injections, biorevitalization.

These procedures will help you to get rid of tiny wrinkles, return skin elasticity, but unfortunately the result has its expiration date – you will need to repeat them again in half a year.

40-50 years old

The earlier aging cell processes speed up in this period, and the recovery of the skin on the contrary slows down. Deep wrinkles already started its shaping, but will be more visible in the age of 60 though, that’s why you still have plenty of ways to strengthen and support your skin.

Obviously those women who used to practice complex ways of skin care since early age will spend less time and efforts to achiever a result. Skin treatment around eyes in the age of 40 should be more efficient and intensive, paying more attention to lifting. In this age you could even use more radical methods in fighting with deep wrinkles and eyelid laxity, like plastic surgery.

Those suffering from heavy pigmentation, swelling and eyelid couperosis should ask for help from specialists, as you might need some medical treatment aimed to reconstruct the endocrine profile or treating certain diseases of general concept.

Homemade remedies for every life case

masks for the skin around eyes

Everyday use products can easily become the ingredients of all possible masks for the skin around eyes, having moisturizing, nourishing and tonic effect. Who hasn’t yet heard about tea bags use?

Applying used tea bags on your eyelids is a cheap but extremely effective remedy: there is no more tiredness or redness and you can forget about fatty pads.

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