The best anti-inflammatory remedies for pimples from oak bark: Top Brands and Home recipes

This plant extract is most often used to restore beauty of hair: it strengthens their roots, makes the curls silky, and prevents the section of the hair tips.

But very few people know that oak bark can be very effective for the face, since it has regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. Pediatricians recommend to bath newborns in decoction of the oak bark to avoid diaper rash and allergic reactions. If you suffer from rashes and have too sensitive skin, be sure to use this unique gift of nature.

Benefit of oak bark

Benefit of oak bark

Benefit of oak bark

Oak bark is able to exert the following actions on the skin with regular and correct application:

  • anti-inflammatory, thanks to pentosanes – high-molecular polysaccharides, from which antibiotics are produced (guaranteed disposal of pimple, acne and other inflammations on the face);
  • antioxidant, rejuvenating, due to flavonoids (smoothing wrinkles + noticeable lifting effect);
  • wound healing and styptic, so that such cosmetics can be used even with wounds on the face;
  • protective, due to tannic substances (reduction of allergy symptoms, sedative effect at irritations).

So the bark is used in cosmetic products not just for skin care. It solves many problems associated with it, and treats dermatological diseases.

Did you know that … in folk medicine and dermatology, oak-based preparations are considered to be the best for treating hyperhidrosis? So, if in an exciting situation you have a very strong sweating face, be sure to use the extract of this plant.

Brand rating

It is not surprising that the extract of the oak bark is actively used in cosmetology, given its benefits to the skin of the face. World manufacturers include it in their remedies. This short rating is a direct proof of that.

  1. Azulenium serum. Eldan. Switzerland. $ 41.1.
  2. Sensitive Skin Formula is a soothing mask for hypersensitive skin. Histomer. Italy. $ 40.6.
  3. Night cream with an extract of an oak. Korres. Greece. $ 30.5.
  4. Tonic serum. Anariti. India. $ 16.5.
  5. Cream for greasy, combined and problematic skin. Bark. Russia. $ 12.
  6. Serum for the face. Skinotan Extra +. Russia. $ 7.1.


The wide assortment allows choosing the right option – serum or cream, for tightening or moisturizers, for dry or greasy skin, premium class or mass market.

A curious fact. Many cosmetic products from oak extract are used as moisturizers for dry skin. And this is not surprising, because the adult oak absorbs from the soil several hundred liters of water during a day.

Application rules

oak bark herb

oak bark herb

If you do not like the presence of synthetic substances in brand cosmetics, learn how to use the oak bark for face care yourself. From it at home, you can prepare lotions, and masks, and other usefulness. But for this purpose you will have to learn how to prepare raw materials.

Raw Material Preparation

It is necessary to collect young twigs, the diameter of which is not more than 10 cm. Only it contains 20% of tannins substances, which have the ability to compact cell and tissue membranes. It is recommended early spring for collecting – this is the period of the onset of sap flow and swelling of the kidneys.

You need to make 2 circular notches (at distance about 25 cm) on the trunk and connect it with a vertical slit. With such a preparation, the piece of bark is very easily separated from the wood.

It is better to make billets with just felled trees. The “live” oak will die after such an execution.

It is necessary to collect raw materials far from roads and industrial zones. The selected area should be of uniform color, without damage, mold fungi and pests.

After collection, the material is carefully reassembled, cleaned of dirt, but not washed. It is recommended to dry it on a draft, under a canopy, where sunlight does not penetrate.


Oak bark rarely causes allergic reactions on the skin, but the remedies with its extract must be checked. First, treat the mixture with the wrist and watch the result.

Do not make the solutions too concentrated, because this plant has coloring properties. Of course, if you want to get a light shade of tanning, then this rule can be broken.

In the presence of serious diseases, you must first get a dermatologist’s permission to use this plant for their treatment.

Masks are allowed to do 1-2 times a week. The course is 8-12 procedures.

Only competent use of oak bark will allow you to get from this plant the maximum benefit for skin care and to solve all kinds of cosmetic problems.

Note. Any remedy with oak bark extract will have a rejuvenating effect, as it contains a lot of acids.

Methods of the use

There are different ways of using oak bark at home. Someone helps washing with decoction, someone like the effect of wiping ice cubes. So there is a sense to get acquainted with all and choose for you the most optimal variant.




For cosmetic purposes, a decoction of oak bark is used most often. 20 grams of raw material pour a cup of boiling water, keep on the water bath a half an hour. While the broth is hot, strain through double gauze. Sediment squeezes out. Add up to 200 ml of boiled warm water. Keep in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.

Methods of application:

  • for daily washing;
  • for wiping instead of lotions;
  • for lotions, applications and compresses on problem areas of the face;
  • for cosmetic ice;
  • for the preparation of home creams and masks.
  • Indications: problem, greasy skin, prone to irritation and rashes.


A tablespoon of the crushed raw material (or 2 pharmacy phyto-packages) should be filled with a cup of boiling water. Cover with a lid and wrap it with a towel. Or do it all in a thermos. Keep for an hour for infusion. Filter. Use the same scheme as the broth. Preserves a large number of useful substances, as it is not subjected to heat treatment.


Alcohol tincture can be purchased in a ready form in any pharmacy, and can also be made at home.

Recipe 1

Dry the young bark, grind it into powder. Pour 50 gr of raw material with a liter of alcohol. Infuse in the refrigerator in a bottle of dark glass in a corked state for 2 weeks. Filter. Keep no more than six months.

Recipe 2

50 g of dried young bark, grinded it into powder, pour 500 ml of vodka. Keep in a dark place at room temperature for a month. Filter. Keep in the refrigerator for six months.

Indications: acne, ulcers, acne, irritation.

In pharmacies and drugstores, you can also purchase other products that include oak and which can be used to make home cosmetics:

  • essential oil of oak moss;
  • essential oil of oak;
  • pressed briquettes;
  • phyto-packages;
  • ready collection;
  • liquid extract of oak bark

All this natural-pharmacy remedies can be safely applied for the preparation of effective cosmetics at home.

To broaden your horizons. Keep in mind that some branded products may not be bark, but the roots of oak. They are most often used as moisturizers.

Recipes from oak bark

Recipes from oak bark

Recipes from oak bark

Here are some recipes for homemade cosmetics made from oak bark.

Transparent mask

Mix a cup of oak broth, 50 ml of vodka, and juice of 1 lemon. Apply a brush on the face with several layers, wash after 5 minutes. The mask has a warming effect and is effective against any rashes on the face.

Herbal Mask

Mix 20 gr oak bark and chopped calendula flowers, pour a cup of boiling water, filter through after 20 minutes and apply on a face the warm mush of herbs for half an hour. If there is an irritation or an allergic rash, this mask will help to eliminate the troubles.

Mask with clay

50 grams of blue clay dilute with decoction from the oak bark to a dense condition. Knead carefully. Apply to the skin for 15 minutes. Use against acne, for the care of greasy skin and as a cleanser. Doing such mask is needed by a whole course, during 2 months with periodicity one time per a week.

Mask with St. John’s wort

Mix 20 grams of oak bark and chopped flowers of St. John’s wort, pour a cup of boiling water, filter after half an hour. Dip into the infusion of cotton fabric and attach to the problem area of ​​the face for 20 minutes. Compress is very effective against pimples, acne, fatty shine, high sweating, and inflammatory processes.

To clean the pores

Mix 50 ml of oak bark broth with wheat flour to a dense state, add some melted almond oil. Action time 15 minutes. Result: soft, silky skin, beautiful complexion, peeled pores.

The toning lotion

Boil 50 gr of oak bark powder in 500 ml of water during 10 min. Cool, filter. Add 50 ml of juice of any citrus (grapefruit, lemon, orange) and 20 ml of medical alcohol. Keep in the dark glass in the refrigerator for not more than a week.

Wipe the skin twice a day. After 5 minutes after that, the face is better to rinsed with clear water.

Gives an unforgettable feeling after a hard day, tones up, relieves irritation, fatigue and inflammation.

Cosmetic ice

This recipe can be used both for teenagers to eliminate pimples and for aged ladies to smooth wrinkles.

Mix oak bark powder and linden flowers in equal proportions (30 gr). Pour a cup of boiling water. Keep for 3 hours. Filter. Add 30 ml of grapefruit juice. Pour in molds for ice. Massage the face with cubes in the mornings and evenings.

The rejuvenating cocktail

Pour 30 grams of acorus and 20 grams of oak bark with a cup of water. Heat 15 minutes on a water bath. Do lotions on the inflamed areas of the face. It is possible to use for washing, if diluted with water in equal proportions.

Oak bark is the medicinal plant that has long been confessed by official medicine and is actively used to treat various skin diseases in dermatology.

Therefore, there is no doubt that cosmetic products based on this extract will help you to fully care for any type of skin and will save you from such troubles as acne and hyperhidrosis.

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