Top 6 In-Flight Beauty Tips

Whether you are heading away on holiday, moving interstate or visiting family, flying can be quite uncomfortable and really harsh on your skin. We’ve compiled a few handy beauty tips to make your next plane ride a little easier. Bon Voyage beauties!

Top 6 In-Flight Beauty Tips

  • Hair Up Up & Away

Pop your hair up and away from your face while in the air. Few things are more annoying than hair in your face, let alone the person sitting next to you having their hair in your face. Do yourself and your fellow travellers a favour by tucking your hair up into a messy bun, top knot, braid or even in a beanie. Not only will you be preserving any styling, but you will also be preventing any hair product in your hair such as leave in conditioners or hairspray from touching your face. Keeping your hair up will also limit hair to headrest contact including whatever may be lurking on there, not to mention make you feel a whole lot more comfortable.

  • Load Up On The Lip Balm & Moisturiser

Flying can be drying on the skin but even more drying on our lips. The skin on our lips is far thinner than anywhere else on our body and our lips do not lubricate themselves like the rest of our body through oil production. Because the environment on board a commercial aircraft has very little humidity it’s important to keep reapplying an emollient lip balm to keep our lips happy, soft and supple.

Before boarding your flight apply your regular skincare routine as your normally would but be sure to include a hydrating moisturiser or serum to keep skin happy and less likely affected by the dry air. Choose products that are calming on the skin, and contain no fragrance or irritating ingredients.

  • Don’t Skip The Sun Protection!

If you are flying during daylight hours it is absolutely crucial to remember to apply high sun protection. You may or may not have the window seat but your are far closer to the sun up in the air than what you would be back on the ground and exposed to a greater concentration of the sun’s damaging UV radiation. Apply a well formulated broad spectrum SPF over the top of your serum or moisturiser or use a moisturiser that contains adequate broad spectrum sun protection.

  • Pack Travel Sized Beauty Essentials

Take this opportunity to use up those pesky sample sachets you have laying around in your bathroom cabinet, or quality hotel freebies, travel sized containers of your regular skincare and beauty products to keep your carry on light and within airline regulations. Be sure to check ingredients lists though! The last thing you want to be doing is lathering your skin in a product containing fragrant plant oils, perfume or alcohol when you are already going to be sitting in an environment that is harsh on your skin.

  • Headphones & Beauty Sleep

Few people enjoying flying, especially long haul flights, but one of the best things you can do to pass the time is to grab some beauty sleep. Rest is essential for a healthy body and healthy skin so why not make the most of your situation by taking a well deserved nap. If you find it difficult to sleep on an aircraft, pack into your carry on noise cancelling headphones and a sleeping mask to block out lights. It may not be as comfortable as your bed at home but it sure beats under eye bags and irritability from lack of sleep!

  • Stay Hygienic

Airports and aircraft can be a breeding ground of bacteria and with so many people in so tight of a space for long periods of time it’s bound to get a little stinky. Be sure to apply roll on antiperspirant the night before you travel and reapply before you get on the plane. Keep a pack of breath mints or breath freshener in your carry on to keep stinky coffee breath at bay and pack hand sanitizer to avoid picking up whatever may be lurking on your seat, tray or window visor. Remember that not everyone washes their hands as well as you after visiting the bathroom.

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