Vitamin E is a true secret of your beauty, best recipes.

Vitamin E (Tocoferol) is a unique nature combination, so called antioxidant regenerating your skin. You can easily buy it in any pharmacy in different forms such as capsules, oil solution, ampule injections. Tokoferol is used for drinking or injections for the promotion of your health. Nowadays you can find Vitamin E in a composition of different skin masks for regenerating your mature skin. This treatment really works efficiently like a magic stick for a skin.

Magical effect of vitamin E

application of vitamin E

Let’s look at the application of vitamin E for a face skin. An active using of this vitamin at home has a complex action. Let’s start from the main one, which is rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation that means:

  • Stop aging process;
  • helps cell regeneration;
  • smooths wrinkles;
  • lifting effect (tightens skin, eliminates skin, fights with saggy wrinkles, double chin);
  • brings firmness and elasticity to your skin;
  • improves the circulation of blood in order to have a healthy color of face.

The second one is also very important to your skin it is antidepressant action.

Antidepressant that means:

  • Invigorates your skin;
  • blushes your cheecks;
  • strengthens the walls of the cell membrane;
  • fights fatigue.

The third one is antioxidant.

Antioxidant that means:

  • Protects skin cells of free radicals;
  • detoxifies your skin.

Anti-inflammatory function of vitamin E is very important for a problem kind of skin.

Anti-inflammatory action that means:

  • Localizes inflammation;
  • eliminates acne rash;
  • removes the black dots;
  • eliminates acne.

Skin whitening that means:

  • Lightens freckles and age spots.

Humidification that means:

  • Moisturizes dry skin;
  • controls a humidity balance of skin cells;
  • regulates sebum production.

The last position is the main for our health, especially its concerns to women who live in the countries with hot weather and heavy sun (such as Africa and South Asia).They should get vitamin E with the food as well as with cosmetical treatments.

Medical treatment that means:

  • Effective prevention of a skin cancer;
  • eliminates allergic reactions on the skin (peeling, rash, itching, redness);
  • treats anemia protecting red blood cells from destruction to avoid a pallor.

This medical treatment is demanded in the home and modern cosmetology. However it’s considered a drug so use it very carefully at first you should learn how to use it as a home cosmetology and then try to make vitamin E anti-aging ellexirs.

Where can you get vitamin E?

vitamin e

Let’s talk about all it, because there are different forms of it. First you should choose the pharmacy form of vitamin E, each of it can be used a a basic form for anti-aging mask in a

  1. You can buy vitamin E capsules of beautiful translucent amber color, inside of which is an oily liquid. Vitamin E capsules are pierced by a clean needle then healing oils are pressed and used directly in the home face masks.
  2. Oil 50% solution is medically known as “Alpha-tocopherol acetate. This dosage form is more convenient to use for homemade masks.It is more usable for homecosmetology as you don’t need to pierce and press ampules.
  3. Tocopherol in liquid form (ampuled) is also very useful as a base for anti-aging cosmetics.

In all these drugs vitamin E is used in cosmetics for the face in a pure form with the addition of various auxiliary ingredients. But if there are contraindications for external use of vitamin E (serious skin or circulatory system diseases) it will be sufficient to use the mask of the products in which the tocopherol content is very high.

vitamin E products

vitamin E products

Vitamin E is found in the following products:

  • Fresh vegetables: carrot, radish, cucumber, cabbage, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, onions;
  • berry: viburnum, mountain ash, black cherry, buckthorn;
  • the products of animal origin: egg yolks, milk;
  • cereals: oatmeal;
  • unrefined oils from plant (pumpkin, corn, olive, sunflower);
  • from seeds, nuts (pistachios, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds);
  • herbs: alfalfa, raspberry leaves, dandelion, nettle, rosehip, flax seeds.

Including these products in cosmetic facial masks your skin will be fully provided with natural, no pharmacy vitamin E.Honestly capsules, oil and ampules can achieve the desired effect more quickly. It is necessary to take into account the specificity of the dosage of the drug and deal with it in home very carefully.

How to apply guide

Vitamin E capsules

Vitamin E capsules

Finally we would like to give you some recommendations for use magic Vitamin E. If you have already bought viatmin E you can easily make a face mask.

There are key recommendations, so let’s consider them:

  1. First try the treatment on your wrist and observe the reaction of the skin. It can be used, if there is no itching and redness.
  2. Keep your skin over a steam bath with herbs.
  3. Scrub dilated pores.
  4. Deeply apply a vitamin e mixture on the skin along the massage lines trying to avoid the zone directly around the eyes.
  5. Keep a mask on your face for 20 minutes.
  6. Wash your face with warm water, or milk, or a decoction of medicinal herbs.
  7. Use your daily cream.
  8. Make this mask twice a week.
  9. After 10 treatments take a break for two months.

It’s really quick and easy method to avoid wrinkles, you can see the result after 5 or 6 procedures – a new young skin!

Face masks recipes with vitamin E

Face masks recipes with vitamin E

There are a lot of recipes of skin mask, so you will not be limited in a choice. But we will tell you about the most popular one’s.

For example face mask with vitamin E and glycerin moisturizes dry skin. Vitamin E for external use is rarely used in its pure form. Complement it with various other ingredients to enhance the efficiency.

  • With glycerol

Home facial mask with vitamin E and glycerin is recommended to use if you have dry skin as it deeply moisturize it. 10 capsules of oil tocopherol squeeze into a bottle of glycerin (25-30 ml), mix thoroughly, use some procedures, store in a dark place.

  • With almond oil

Mix 3 table spoons of almond oil with 1 table spoon of oiled vitamin E.

  • With herbs

Mix chamomile and nettle in a crushed form (each 2 tablespoons.), pour them a glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour, strain. Soak in broth crumb of rye bread (20 g), mash it to a pulp and add an ampule of vitamin E for injections.

  • With Dimexidum

Mix 2 tablespoons (full) of castor oil and burdock oil, dissolve them in the oil with tocopherol add 1 tablespoonof dimexidum and water (in equal proportions).

  • With the yolk

Almond butter (2 tablespoons) beat with egg yolk, add 1 ampule injection of vitamin E.

  • With sea buckthorn oil

Whisk in 1 tablespoon cocoa butter and sea buckthorn oil, add 1 ampule tocopherol.

  • With cottage cheese

Whisk 2 tablespoonsof cottage cheese and 2 tablespoons of olive unrefined oil, add 1 ampule tocopherol.

Use vitamin E for your face in order to get rid of wrinkles and stop the aging process of your skin. Vitamin E is an effective pharmaceutical preparation with a minimum of contraindications and a mass of useful properties, which in a short time the most magically transform your skin.

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