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The Truth about Wrinkle Creams and Lotions

There are hundreds of wrinkle creams and wrinkle lotions being sold around the world today, and every manufacturer will have you believing that their product is the absolute best. Their products are worlds above all other products! The problem is we are smart consumers. We know that they can’t all be the best. We know that some irritate the skin more than they help and others are completely ineffective. We also know the solution to our skin problems is out there somewhere!

Wrinkle Cream

The problem is sorting out the wrinkle creams and wrinkle lotions that work, and those that do not. Many consumers get caught up sorting out according to how different creams and lotions can be purchased. Some must be prescribed by a doctor, others can be picked up only at the best department stores, and still others can be purchased through any drug store with a cosmetics aisle.

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Straight Answers to Confusing Questions

It makes sense to judge your wrinkle creams and wrinkle lotions according to where they are sold, but that is not the most effective way to select a skincare product. The most effect way to sort the good from the bad is to pay attention to the price tag. It is a simple fact that quality costs money. You will never get the best quality in a cream or lotion selling for less than ten bucks at a local drug store.

Here is the problem with cheap wrinkle products: if they are charging you that low price in a retail store, they are not spending very much to develop, study, manufacture, package, and ship the product. In fact, many of these low priced skincare products not put through clinical trials or studies at all. They are in no way guaranteed to work (and their advertisements will carefully word any claims). They are able to sell for very cheap prices because the ingredients are cheap and low quality and all corners are cut to ensure the lowest price possible.

What’s In a Price Tag?

The wrinkle creams and wrinkle lotions charging a little more on the retail end are more likely to have subjected their products to clinical testing to prove they are effective. The FDA does not put these products through testing for effectiveness. Their only concern is safety. Your main concern is, of course, effectiveness, so it is worth the money to invest in products that have willing been subjected to studies for effectiveness.

Many of the higher priced products are produced by companies that spend a lot of money researching their products. These companies are typically first to come out with new products and ingredients proven to decrease the appearance of wrinkles or help wear them away with time. Other products start searching for cheap sources of these newer ingredients after the other companies do the research and source high quality, higher priced ingredients.

Quality Matters

Wrinkle Creams

If you are thinking that your budget cannot handle the best of the best and you can settle for lower quality ingredients in lower priced products, you may want to think again about that. Is it really worth purchasing an ineffective product just to save a few bucks? Wouldn’t you be better off saving your money so you can purchase a higher quality product that will actually work?

The quality of the ingredients does matter in this type of product. Some lower quality products can irritate the skin, and others simply do not work. By the time you realize they are not working, you may have invested weeks if not months of your time. It is much better to find wrinkle creams and wrinkle lotions that have undergone studies to prove they are effective, even if it does cost you a bit more.

What about a Dermatologist?

You do have the option of seeing a dermatologist to get a medical opinion on your skin problems. The upside here is having a professional look over your skin and tell you exactly what ingredients you need to look for in your products. The downside is these specialists are expensive, and their prescription medications can be even more expensive. In most cases these services are not covered by insurance plans, so you may have to cover all expenses yourself.

If the dermatologist is out of your price range, consider looking for products with some of the following ingredients:

  • Retinol
  • CoQ10
  • Tea Extracts
  • Kinetin

These are some of the ingredients you will find in higher quality (and priced) wrinkle creams and wrinkle lotions. The higher the price, the higher quality and higher concentration of these ingredients is likely to be found.


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